Startup Showcase: PrimaDollar – Digitizing Trade Finance and ESG Data Collection for International Supply Chains

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PrimaDollar is a global fintech company that has developed an enterprise SaaS platform that enables large corporates to collect real-time ESG data, shipping documents, and other information on their international suppliers and shipments. The platform digitizes trade documents using cutting-edge OCR and ML systems, generating real-time ESG scores on factories and delivering efficient trade finance and supply chain finance into the international supply chain at shipment.

Revolutionizing ESG Data Collection

PrimaDollar’s platform is revolutionizing ESG data collection in the international supply chain. The platform collects real-time ESG data from workers in factories on pay, conditions, safety, and governance using a worker app. This data is used to create a factory social score and to monitor for issues such as forced labor, bad conditions, and unsafe practices. The social score is also used to drive the cost of trade finance into the supply chain, delivering continuous improvement via supplier economics.

Real-time ESG Data

There is a massive data gap in the ESG market, as ESG information is typically based on annual surveys and self-certified reports. PrimaDollar’s platform delivers real-time ESG data, delivering trusted data that is continually updated at the worker, factory, product, and shipment level. The platform uses technology to solve this problem, enabling companies to evaluate, monitor, and manage ESG issues in their supply chains with real-time data.

Digitizing Trade Finance

PrimaDollar’s platform also digitizes trade finance, providing tools for larger corporates to drive continuous improvement in their ESG performance while allowing large corporate importers to save money immediately. The platform is worth solving, and the solution has many interesting dimensions, creating significant additional value when real-time ESG data is linked to trade finance.

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High Demand for PrimaDollar’s Services

PrimaDollar’s services are in high demand, with major retailers and brands already using the platform to support their international supply chains. The platform gets suppliers paid at shipment (trade finance) while collecting real-time ESG data on worker conditions, enabling companies to drive improvements in social and governance issues deep into their supply chains.


PrimaDollar’s enterprise SaaS platform is revolutionizing the ESG data collection and trade finance process in the international supply chain. The platform’s real-time ESG data collection, worker app, and digitized trade finance are valuable tools for larger corporates to drive continuous improvement in their ESG performance. With high demand for their services, PrimaDollar is helping companies evaluate, monitor, and manage ESG issues in their supply chains with real-time data.

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