Startup Showcase: Qomply Industries Offers Cloud-Based Solutions for Regulatory Transaction Reporting

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Qomply is a London-based startup that provides cloud-based solutions for financial firms to meet their regulatory transaction reporting requirements. The company specializes in addressing EU and UK regulations, including MiFID, EMIR, SFTR, and ASIC. Qomply’s mission is to empower financial firms of all sizes with best-in-class technology solutions that are easy to use and affordable.

Award-Winning Platform for Accurate Transaction Reporting

Qomply’s ReportAssure Platform is powered by its proprietary assurance engine, which performs one of the most comprehensive arsenals of accuracy checks in the industry. The platform is easy to use and integrates with existing data sources, making it convenient for financial firms to implement. The platform’s diagnostic auditor and reconciler features help financial firms ensure their transaction reports are complete and accurate.

Qomply’s MiFID Reportability Tool is another solution that helps firms determine if financial instruments should be reported under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). The tool allows firms to search the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) FIRDS lookup database, making it straightforward for users to understand and report.

Centralized Sensitive Data Management and Real-time Message Monitoring Solutions

Qomply’s Pi solution provides centralised sensitive data management for firms and venues, ensuring regulatory compliance on data privacy issues. The solution provides a secure environment for data storage, management, and distribution.

Qomply’s Unified Message Monitor allows users to monitor messages across venues in real-time, ensuring regulatory and trading compliance. The solution integrates with existing trading and communication platforms, making it easy to implement.

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Affordable, Modular Subscription Options for Financial Firms

Qomply offers modular subscription options that enable financial firms of all sizes to benefit from high-quality, regulatory reporting technology. Its solutions are used by leading regulatory consultancies, ensuring awareness of regulatory changes, and removing uncertainty for clients.


Qomply is changing the game when it comes to regulatory transaction reporting requirements. Its cloud-based solutions are affordable, easy to use, and address a broad range of EU and UK regulations. Given the complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape, Qomply’s solutions provide peace of mind for financial firms, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks.





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