Startup Showcase: R4D/ Real4D – Revolutionary Movie Viewing Technology

Experience Movies in a New Dimension with Personalized Time Travel

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Startup Showcase: R4D/ Real4D is an innovative technology that redefines the movie viewing experience. With the power to change the story and length of a movie each time it is watched, R4D/ Real4D brings personalized time travel to the world of movies. In this startup showcase, we will explore the technology, its uses, and its potential game-changing impact on the film industry.

Introducing R4D/ Real4D

R4D/ Real4D is not your typical movie viewing technology. Invented by Laurent A.C. Granier, CEO of Pointimovie, the technology modifies the story and even the length of a movie or TV series to bring viewers a personalized time travel experience. By changing the story each time it is watched, R4D/ Real4D ensures that viewers are always on the edge of their seats, reliving the feeling of watching the movie for the first time.

Beyond Shaking Seats and Dropping Water

Unlike traditional 4D systems that rely on shaking seats and dropping water, R4D/ Real4D uses the real fourth dimension – time. This means that the technology has nothing to do with 3D and is not about enhancing the sense of viewing. Instead, it uses time to create a new movie experience every time it is watched.

Technical Know-How

R4D/ Real4D uses a new video file format “.r4d” running under VP9 and AV1 codecs. This format is similar to the “.mkv” kind and requires a R4D/ Real4D player to watch. The player can be downloaded for free from the internet, and the video format is available online. The technology not only reinvents the way movies are viewed but also the way they are produced, edited, distributed, screened, and sold.

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Applications Across the Film Industry

R4D/ Real4D is not just for new movies but can also be used to enhance old movies. This gives producers and distributors new opportunities to reach audiences with old content. In addition, R4D/ Real4D technology will be available on Video on Demand platforms in 2021, making it easily accessible for viewers. The technology will bring a fresh breath to the industry, and the prospects are exciting.

The Future of R4D/ Real4D

As R4D/ Real4D marks a significant change in the film industry, there are lots of opportunities to explore. Pointimovie is already creating schools to teach professionals how to work efficiently within the R4D/ Real4D framework. In addition, the company plans to organize a Real 4D© / R4D© Film Festival.


R4D/ Real4D is an exciting technology that redefines the movie viewing experience. With the ability to change the story and length of a movie each time it is watched, R4D/ Real4D brings personalized time travel within reach of everyone. With the technology set to revolutionize the film industry, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a household name.


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