Startup Showcase: Revolutionizing Global Trade and Transport with CargoCoin

A Decentralised Cargo Protocol Built with Blockchain Technology - The Future of International Trade

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In today’s global economy, the need for a seamless and secure platform for trade and transport has become increasingly important. Enter CargoCoin, a decentralised cargo protocol built with blockchain technology, poised to revolutionise the international trade and transport industry. In this startup showcase, we will explore how CargoCoin is changing the game.

What is CargoCoin?

CargoCoin is a smart contract, cryptocurrency platform that decentralises global trade and transport, optimising interaction amongst traders, freight forwarders, shipping lines, booking agents, and all other parties involved in the international trade and transport of commodities and cargoes. The platform is designed to provide a well-balanced ecosystem based on cutting-edge crypto security and frictionless interaction.

How Does CargoCoin Work?

CargoCoin provides a global marketplace environment and utilities for the facilitation of trade, transport, exchange of documents, and payment options in real-time, at low cost. The platform architecture is based on the principles of high-level security, transparency, traceability, and accountability. Participants can take advantage of any part of the platform alone or in combination with other sections, making it a versatile option for users.

The Benefits of CargoCoin

By utilising CargoCoin, international trade and transport industry insiders will benefit from a more transparent, secure, and accountable supply chain with seamless payment options. The use of blockchain technology and smart contracts will reduce the risk of fraud and ensure that transactions are completed in a timely and seamless manner, all while eliminating manual paper-based processes.

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CargoCoin Uses a Unique Payment System

All utilities on the CargoCoin platform operate with CargoCoins. The ultimate aim of the platform is to boost demand and facilitate the usage of the tokens. The CargoCoin team is firmly aligned with ICO supporters’ interests, ensuring that the platform grows with the community it serves. This unique payment system sets CargoCoin apart from other systems and provides added value for its users and participants.


The CargoCoin platform provides endless possibilities for added value to traders, freight forwarders, shipping lines, booking agents, and all other parties involved in the international trade and transport of commodities and cargoes. By providing a low-cost, decentralised platform for trade and transport, CargoCoin is poised to change the game in the industry. Stay tuned as CargoCoin continues to grow and dominate the supply chain and logistics industry.


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