Startup Showcase: RG Group’s GameJam – Taking Mobile Gaming to the Next Level

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Mobile gaming has come a long way in the last decade, evolving from simple games like Snake to visually stunning, immersive and complex games like Clash of Clans, PUBG and Fortnite that offer engaging multiplayer experiences. RG Group, a London-based startup, is taking mobile gaming to the next level with the launch of its new gaming platform GameJam. In this Startup Showcase feature, we take a closer look at RG Group’s journey, its vision for GameJam, and what makes it stand out in a fast-growing industry.

At its core, GameJam is a mobile gaming platform which offers users a way to discover hit games, compete against players worldwide and win cash prizes. RG Group has focused on the three key elements of competition, socializing and rewards to create a unique platform that stands out in the crowded mobile gaming market. The platform offers both casual and serious gamers a chance to compete with others in real-time, track their progress, and earn rewards either in-form of cash or virtual currency that can be used to purchase in-game items.

The Launch of GameJam and its Early Success

GameJam was officially launched a few months ago, and the platform has already seen impressive traction. RG Group has reported that GameJam is live in over 80 countries and has already had 200,000+ downloads. The platform currently offers users a choice of 10 games to play, including popular titles like Lumber Jack-it, Talent Showdown and Ballsy!. The company’s strategy has been to offer a variety of games that cater to a wide audience, both in terms of age and gaming preference.

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The RG Group Team and Vision

Based in Covent Garden, RG Group is a team of passionate designers, marketers and business experts who share a vision of creating innovative and engaging mobile gaming experiences that bring people together. The company aims to be a disruptor in the mobile gaming market, introducing new concepts and challenging the status quo. RG Group has ambitious plans for GameJam, including expanding its game offering, introducing new features, and launching an Android version of the platform.


RG Group’s GameJam is a testament to the startup’s ability to identify a gap in the mobile gaming market and take bold steps towards creating an innovative solution. By combining competition, socializing and rewards, GameJam creates a unique gaming experience that is unparalleled in the industry. With the company’s expanding global reach, growing user base, and ambitious plans for the platform, it will be exciting to see what RG Group brings to the mobile gaming world in the years to come.





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