Startup Showcase: Rootshell Security – Protecting Your Organisation against Cyber Threats

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In today’s world, where technology is a crucial aspect of business operations, cybersecurity is of utmost importance. Constant cyber threats have become a reality for many organisations, requiring them to implement effective security measures. Rootshell Security, a UK-based company, offers an integrated, proactive program of continuous next generation penetration testing that helps organisations protect against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Protect Your Organisation with Rootshell Security

Rootshell Security provides organisations with Prism services, a continuous, real-time security strategy that offers greater protection against cyber threats. These services are delivered remotely and operate in the background throughout the organisation’s daily operations to maintain and enhance the security strategy continually. The service provides actionable results that allow companies to identify potential vulnerabilities, mitigate them proactively, and eliminate the possibility of any cyber threat.

Robust and Comprehensive Penetration Testing

The company’s Penetration Testing services assess the resilience of your organisation’s security controls by identifying how attackers could access your systems and data. The testing provides the organisation with an informed perspective on potential threats, giving companies the ability to pre-empt these attacks by making recommendations on how to improve defences. In the event of a real-life attack, the organisation is better prepared to protect critical information and prevent any breach.

Centralised Platform for Comprehensive Reporting

Rootshell’s Prism Platform is a centralised platform that brings together all reporting from the various services and projects employed by the organisation, including penetration test results from other organisations. By keeping all current and past results in one place, the organisation can analyse and assess its security posture most effectively. The platform helps identify areas that require improvement and optimisation and allows for quick action when needed.

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Rootshell Security is a startup that is revolutionising security services by offering comprehensive, proactive measures that safeguard against ever-evolving threats. With its continuous next-generation penetration testing, Prism services, and centralised platform, Rootshell Security is well-equipped to protect your organisation against cyber threats.


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