Startup Showcase: ROUND – Transforming in-venue dining experiences through seamless app ordering

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As the world becomes increasingly more digital, it’s no surprise that businesses are turning to technology to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers. ROUND, the UK’s leading in-venue app, is doing just that by providing a seamless ordering experience for restaurants, bars, cafes, and other hospitality venues.

How ROUND works

ROUND’s app enables customers to order food and drinks at a venue without the need to wait in line or interact with a server. Customers simply scan a QR code at their table or use the app to place an order for table service or take-out/delivery. The app is fully customizable, allowing venues to showcase their menus, specials, and promotions.

ROUND’s platform integrates with all major mobile wallets, making it easy for customers to pay securely through their preferred payment method. ROUND creates new channels for business to engage with their customers through in-app messaging, push notifications and digital loyalty schemes.

Benefits for businesses

The benefits of partnering with ROUND are numerous. By reducing wait times and allowing customers to order through an app, ROUND helps businesses optimize their staffing, increase order numbers and average order value. With powerful in-app analytics, venues can use ROUND to track customer behaviour and preferences, allowing them to make data-driven decisions that will help grow their business.

ROUND also ensures that businesses are GDPR compliant, and are on hand post-launch to help navigate data protection regulations, ensuring the secure management of customer data is maintained.

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Crowdfunding campaign

ROUND is currently crowdfunding to raise funds that will be used to scale up operations and expand into new markets. As of writing, they have already exceeded their initial target of £150,000, demonstrating the huge demand for their platform.


ROUND is changing the way that people dine out. By offering a seamless, end-to-end digital solution, ROUND enables businesses to meet the changing demands of consumers, capture valuable insights, and grow their business. With its crowdfunding campaign well underway, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting company.





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