Startup Showcase: RPAIR – The Online Marketplace for Watch and Jewellery Repair

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As the world continues to navigate the challenges brought forth by the pandemic, entrepreneurs have been driven to look for innovative ways to support the economy. RPAIR, a startup based in Waltham Abbey, Essex, is one such initiative that is committed to helping the watch and jewellery repair industry during these uncertain times.

With customer satisfaction and convenience at the forefront of their mission, RPAIR has developed an online marketplace where customers can easily compare prices and reviews of watch and jewellery repair workshops near them. Acting as a channel for communication, RPAIR aims to simplify the repair experience for customers by connecting them with suitable repair shops through their platform, thus supporting the industry in need.

Innovative Platform Doesn’t Forget the Human Touch

With the company’s innovative platform connecting customers with repair shops online, there is no doubt that RPAIR is on the cutting edge of digital transformation in the jewellery industry. However, the company’s founders understand that human touch is still crucial when it comes to repair work. That’s why they have carefully curated a selection of the best repair workshops to provide top-notch customer service to their customers.

Furthermore, by easing the process of getting an item repaired, customers can enjoy a hassle-free experience, which often leads to higher customer satisfaction rates. As a result, the platform acts as an intermediary, promoting trust between customers and repair shops, making it easier than ever to get repairs on valuable jewellery pieces.

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Awards and Recognition

Given their innovative technology and their commitment to driving change, it is no surprise that RPAIR has received recognition from various sectors. The company has been awarded a grant from Innovate UK which was used for the development of their platform, and the platform has already been positively featured in various magazines, online publications and has been seen on BBC news.

Making a Difference in a Tumultuous Time

The impact of the pandemic has been felt across various industries, and the jewellery sector is no exception. The need for shops to digitise processes and manage customer expectations has been a challenge, but with the support of innovative efforts like RPAIR, this industry can continue to flourish.

By facilitating easy communication between repair shops and customers, providing a range of quotes and allowing customers to review repair providers, RPAIR has truly revolutionised the jewellery repair industry. Moreover, by making the repair process interactive and user-friendly, RPAIR has turned what was once a challenging and frustrating experience into one that is smooth and reliable.


RPAIR is a startup that has the potential to make a significant impact on the jewellery repair industry as it continues to grow in the United Kingdom. Their mission to provide a platform for a seamless process that connects customers with the best repair shops is indeed admirable, and we look forward to seeing how RPAIR will continue to support this industry in the years to come.


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