Startup Showcase: Scissero – Revolutionizing Legal Document Review with AI

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As the world becomes more digitally advanced, businesses are turning to new technologies to automate repetitive work, streamline processes and ultimately increase efficiency. Scissero, a UK-based startup, is one such company that is taking on this challenge in the legal industry. Here’s what you should know about Scissero:

Scissero has developed a cloud-based AI-powered platform that can analyze legal documents from human lawyers. Its advanced technology blends machine learning with specialized domain knowledge to create a legal AI platform that can mitigate many of the problems that arise in contract negotiations.

Scissero’s use of AI technology goes beyond the traditional realm of predictive analytics. The platform has the capability to draft, analyze, and review legal contracts cutting down the time required to negotiate agreements, deliver faster and more accurate legal solutions, and ultimately, create more value for businesses.

What Scissero Offers

The startup is dedicated to creating and delivering innovative solutions to legal problems. Its platform provides a suite of integrated products, these include:

  • Legal Due Diligence: Scissero helps its clients with comprehensive due diligence of legal documents, which include complex contracts, transactions, and merger and acquisition agreements. It uses proprietary algorithms to analyze large volumes of data and highlight areas of concern, saving time and resources while ensuring continuity.
  • Contract Markup and Negotiation: Scissero’s technology can automatically mark-up routine legal agreements, making early contract reviews more efficient. The platform is also helping to build more effective contract negotiation processes by enhancing the quality of drafts, improving transparency, and reducing the need for manual reviews.
  • LIBOR Decommissioning: Scissero has developed a solution to help the financial sector manage their exposure to LIBOR, the London interbank offered rate. LIBOR decommissioning involves the replacement of one of the most important interest rate benchmarks, which is expected to impact almost every market from borrowing to trading.
  • Contract Authoring: Scissero incorporates AI-powered assistance, which can facilitate the creation of high-quality legal documentation with ease, reducing the potential for costly errors.
  • Contract Analytics and Tracking: Scissero’s platform has the capability to provide its users with detailed analytics and reporting, alongside powerful contract-management functionality.
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Final Thoughts

Scissero’s technology empowers lawyers to improve their negotiating power, reduce errors, save time, and increase their clients’ trust. It represents the next frontier in legal document review and is quickly being adopted by organizations worldwide, regardless of their size. By automating legal document review, Scissero is catering to the needs of forward-thinking companies and helping them to stay competitive. With offices in London and New York, this company is set to change the way lawyers work.


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