Startup Showcase: SeaPay® – The Financial Powerhouse for the Marine Industry

Revolutionizing Financial Solutions for Seafarers and More.

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SeaPay® is a fast-growing financial services startup revolutionizing the way seafarers and maritime companies manage their finances. The London-based company is dedicated to offering unbeatable financial solutions to seafarers, vessel owners, and port-registered corporations. In this showcase, we explore the features and benefits of SeaPay® that make it stand out as the go-to financial platform for the marine industry.

Open an Account with a Unique IBAN and Manage Your Funds in Multiple Currencies

SeaPay® offers a unique IBAN for account opening and enables users to hold and manage funds in multiple currencies. This feature means that seafarers and maritime companies can save money on foreign exchange fees and currency conversion rates. You can also exchange seven currencies at affordable rates, making it more convenient and cost-effective for those who operate globally.

Send and Receive International Bank Wire Transfers and Issue Mass Payments to Bank Accounts

With SeaPay®, seafarers and maritime companies can send and receive international bank wire transfers quickly and easily. This feature opens up a lot of possibilities for those who need to transfer funds globally for various purposes, including payroll, crew expenses, and supplier payments. SeaPay® also allows you to issue mass payments to bank accounts, saving you time and hassle.

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Mobile App Features: Real-time Review of Account Activity, Money Transfers Worldwide, and Card Top-up

Seafarers and maritime companies can manage their finances on the go with the SeaPay® mobile app. The app offers a real-time review of account activity, transaction history to keep track of spendings, recurring transactions, and money transfers worldwide. This feature allows seafarers to stay connected with their finances, even while at sea.

Furthermore, SeaPay® offers a card top-up feature that enables users to top up their SeaPay® Mastercard® from anywhere globally. The Mastercard® is an essential tool for seafarers to access their funds and keep track of their spending conveniently.

Final Thoughts: A Financial Powerhouse for the Marine Industry

SeaPay® offers excellent financial solutions that cater specifically to the marine industry. The platform offers a unique IBAN for account opening, supports multiple currencies, and allows for easy international bank wire transfers. In addition, the mobile app provides real-time views of account activity, money transfers worldwide, and card top-up. With SeaPay®, expert compliance guidance, you can rest assured that your financial life is under control.

SeaPay® is a startup that shows promising potential in the financial services industry. If you are a seafarer or a maritime company searching for the best solutions to your financial needs, SeaPay® is the way to go.


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