Startup Showcase: SEPA Cyber Technologies – Empowering Fintechs with Innovative Financial Solutions

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For startups looking to disrupt the financial industry, partnering with a company that offers cutting-edge solutions is essential. SEPA Cyber Technologies is a London-based fintech company that provides innovative IT solutions for financial institutions, governments, schools, and the retail sector.

SEPA Cyber Technologies’ Modular and Scalable IT Solutions

SEPA Cyber Technologies is a forward-thinking company that equips fintechs with a full spectrum of financial tools. Their modular IT solutions are designed with scalability in mind, which makes it easy for startups to grow their businesses. Their solutions include:

  • SEPA Payment Gateway: a secure and reliable platform that enables businesses to integrate multiple payment methods and currencies, as well as manage payments, refunds, and chargebacks.
  • SEPA Card Processor: an efficient and flexible platform that provides instant card issuance, processing, and authorization services.
  • SEPA Consulting Services: a team of experts who provide advice on compliance, regulatory, and security issues related to fintech operations.

SEPA Cyber Technologies’ Data Centers and Security Standards

SEPA Cyber Technologies has its own data centers in five countries, which are certified with PCI DSS level 1. This certification ensures that the company’s data processing and storage in financial transactions follow industry-standard security measures. Fintechs partnering with SEPA Cyber Technologies can be assured that their data is protected against online fraud and cyber attacks.

SEPA Cyber Technologies’ Vision for the Future

SEPA Cyber Technologies’ mission is to help advanced companies access scalable IT solutions and consulting services to develop their business potential. They are focused on creating partnerships with fintechs that aspire to transform the financial industry by providing innovative financial products and services to consumers and businesses.

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SEPA Cyber Technologies believes in the power of collaboration and in the value of building long-lasting relationships with their clients. By partnering with SEPA Cyber Technologies, startups can leverage their expertise to develop customized and effective IT solutions that meet their specific needs.


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