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As the world moves towards automation, data is becoming more valuable than ever. However, gathering, labelling and preparing data for analysis can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s where comes in. As a microtask online crowdsourcing solution, Sequence is committed to building high-quality datasets for machine learning to help businesses become more productive and efficient. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at this Birmingham-based startup and see how this innovative data management solution is transforming the industry.

About is a data labelling and preparation service that specializes in crowdsourcing solutions. The company provides innovative data labelling solutions to startups, small businesses and corporations, with a mission to enable customers to focus on their core activities by reducing their labelling costs and enhancing their efficiency. By building high-quality datasets for machine learning, is helping businesses drive innovation by leveraging the power of data.

Products and Services offers an array of products and services to help businesses gather, label, and prepare data for analysis. Here are some of their top solutions for startups and corporations:

  • Annotation, Tagging and Classification – This product provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for manual labelling, annotation, classification, categorisation and text transcription. With a crowd of remote contributors, can handle high-volume, complicated data labelling tasks for businesses. The result is a high-quality, accurate dataset ready for machine learning.
  • Data Quality Management – This solution is designed to help businesses detect and correct errors in their datasets. From data entry errors to bias detection, provides a range of quality management tools to ensure accurate and reliable data.
  • Custom Solutions – understands that every business is different, with unique data management needs. That’s why they offer customized solutions to meet the specific goals of each customer. Whether it’s data tagging or speech recognition, provides a wide range of tailored solutions.
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The Crowd’s strength lies in its crowd of remote contributors. With a global workforce of experienced labelling and annotation professionals, the company can tackle even the most complex data labelling projects with ease. provides on-demand access to a talented pool of workers who are proficient in over 40+ languages, meaning that the company can deliver quality annotation and transcription services across the globe.

Why is a game-changer for businesses that need a high volume of labelled data. By providing high-quality datasets for machine learning, the company is enabling businesses to become more efficient and productive, while enhancing their decision-making process with accurate, reliable data. The platform’s remote crowd also means that can offer quick turnaround times, ensuring that businesses stay agile and competitive.

Conclusion provides an innovative solution for data labelling and preparation by automating the manual labeling process. Whether it’s data tagging or text classification, delivers quality results, quickly and efficiently. As the world becomes more data-driven, is poised to become a major player in the industry.


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