Startup Showcase: Serious Tissues – Saving the World One Roll at a Time

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When it comes to sustainable living, every action matters. Be it the plastic we use or the food we eat, every decision we make has an impact on the environment. One company aiming to make a difference is Serious Tissues, a social enterprise based in London, England. In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at how Serious Tissues is changing the world, one toilet roll at a time.

Mission and Vision

Serious Tissues is a social enterprise with a simple mission: to change where people are spending their money, to create a better world. The company’s products aim to match current market leaders on quality and price, but with positive environmental and social impacts. Currently, the range of products includes Serious Tissues, the UK’s first carbon-neutral toilet paper, and Serious Soaps, which are plastic-negative products. But Serious Tissues has bigger goals than just selling sustainable products. Their vision is to make sustainable living accessible and mainstream.

Serious Tissues: The Carbon-Neutral Toilet Paper

Serious Tissues’ flagship product, Serious Tissues, is the UK’s first carbon-neutral toilet paper. Made in the UK from 100% recycled paper with zero plastic, every roll sold plants a tree. In the last year, Serious Tissues has planted over 350,000 trees and is currently planting the equivalent of 3 Hyde Parks every single week. This is no small feat. By encouraging consumers to make a small change (the toilet paper they use), Serious Tissues has made a significant impact in the fight against climate change. But the impact does not end here. Serious Tissues empowers local communities where the trees are planted and has created over 10 years of employment opportunities in ten countries across the world.

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Project Ten Million: Planting Trees and Saving the Planet

Ten million trees are flushed down the toilet every year globally, according to Serious Tissues. This is an alarming number, considering the impact deforestation has on climate change. To combat this, Serious Tissues launched Project Ten Million, which brings together a consortium of corporates and organizations who, by making the switch to Serious Tissues, will help plant ten million trees.

Serious Soaps: Recovering Ocean-Bound Plastic

Serious Tissues’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond just toilet paper. The company’s Serious Soaps are certified plastic-negative products, recovering one kilogram of ocean-bound plastic per pack sold. This is equivalent to fifty 500ml bottles or 500 crisp packets. By buying Serious Soaps, consumers not only get a sustainable product but also contribute to cleaning up our oceans.


Serious Tissues is making a serious impact on the world. By making sustainable living accessible, the company is empowering consumers to make small changes that have big impacts. Serious Tissues has shown that a small action, like changing the toilet paper you use, can have a significant impact on the environment. With the company’s commitment to planting trees and recovering ocean-bound plastic, Serious Tissues is leading the charge in the fight against climate change. We need more companies like Serious Tissues to create a better world, one roll at a time.





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