Startup Showcase: shareDreams App – Your Personal Augmented Reality Guide

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Are you tired of wandering around aimlessly in a new city, struggling to find authentic local experiences? Look no further than shareDreams, the augmented reality app that curates and delivers relevant, local content right to your phone’s screen. In this startup showcase, we’ll introduce you to shareDreams and explore its unique features, its mission, and its plans for the future.

What is shareDreams and How Does it Work?

At its core, shareDreams is a global local guide that uses augmented reality to deliver personalized, location-based content to its users. Whether you’re interested in exploring a new city, discovering hidden gems in your hometown, or planning a trip off the beaten path, shareDreams has got you covered. It provides curated recommendations for restaurants, bars, museums, parks, and other attractions based on your location and preferences.

When you open the app on your phone, you’ll be prompted to enable GPS and camera usage. Once you’re set up, simply point your phone at your surroundings, and shareDreams will display relevant, interactive content on your screen. For example, if you’re standing in front of a restaurant, the app might show you its menu, reviews, and photos. If you’re exploring a historic site, it might offer a guided tour or a virtual reality experience.

Who is Behind shareDreams?

shareDreams was founded by Thiago Baraldi, a Brazilian entrepreneur with a passion for travel and storytelling. Baraldi started the app as a travel blog and map of bookmarks in 2020 and soon turned it into a geo-location web app. He now works with a network of collaborators and contributors from around the world, who help curate and create content for the app.

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What Makes shareDreams Different?

What sets shareDreams apart from other travel and local guide apps is its commitment to personalized, authentic experiences. Instead of relying on algorithms, reviews, or sponsored content, shareDreams relies on local knowledge and insider tips to curate its recommendations. It also has a strong ethical and social justice stance, and it champions local businesses and non-profits.

How Does shareDreams Plan to Make Money?

shareDreams plans to make money mainly through sponsorships and support from local businesses and readers. Local businesses can sponsor geo-spatial listings on the app, which makes it easy for users to discover and interact with them. Non-profits can also get free listings if approved. Users can also support the app by using it for free and spreading the word to their friends and family.


shareDreams is a refreshing and innovative take on the local guide and travel app. Its use of augmented reality and curated content offers a highly personalized and immersive experience that is hard to beat. As it continues to grow and expand, shareDreams is poised to become a go-to resource for anyone looking to uncover hidden gems and authentic experiences in their city or around the world.





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