Startup Showcase: Shivom – Optimising Genomic Healthcare

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Are you curious about how genomics and precision medicine can be used to improve healthcare? Enter Shivom, a London-based startup that is shaking up the healthcare ecosystem. In this startup showcase, we take a closer look at how Shivom is optimising the way genomic and other healthcare is shared, secured and analysed.

About Shivom: Building the World’s Largest Genomics & Precision Medicine Data Ecosystem

Shivom is a globally active healthcare data & analytics company, aiming at building the world’s largest genomics & precision medicine data ecosystem. The organisation’s core mission is to democratize access to genomics data worldwide, helping researchers, clinicians, and patients gain more insights into inherited diseases, drug interactions, and personalised treatment plans.

Here’s how Shivom is transforming the healthcare industry:

The Healthcare Token Ecosystem: $OMX Token

In 2018, Shivom was contracted to design, build, and maintain the groundwork of a global healthcare token ecosystem. The $OMX token is intended to fuel the world’s healthcare systems, enabling people and organisations to tokenize healthcare, making it cheaper, faster, fairer, and more efficient. This innovative blockchain-based solution also tackles issues of medical data security and privacy through its decentralised profile.

Phase II of the Healthcare Ecosystem: Genomic NFT Marketplace and Crypto Platform

In 2020, Shivom successfully launched a precision medicine platform comprising intersecting environments: genetics data and an AI bioinformatics (analytics) marketplace. But that’s not all! Shivom announced phase II of the healthcare ecosystem, starting with the rollout of the world’s first genomic NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace and crypto e-commerce platform targeting all healthcare verticals (B2B and B2C). This ingenious concept allows users to purchase one-of-a-kind genomic artwork, molecular sequencers, and other medical tools using $OMX, making it easy for anyone to invest in the future of medicine.

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Partnerships and Collaborations

At Shivom, collaborations are a key to success. The company has already partnerships with global organizations, including European Precision Medicine consortiums, universities, institutes, and governmental organizations. All collaborations aim to bring the most innovative solutions to the healthcare industry and drive healthcare innovation for the benefit of all.

Final Thoughts

Shivom is an exciting and innovative startup that’s changing the future of healthcare. With its globally active healthcare data and analytics solutions, the company is helping to build the world’s largest genomics and precision medicine data ecosystem. By utilizing blockchain technology, the company has created an innovative solution that will transform the way we view healthcare. With its phase II rollout, Shivom is quickly becoming a major player in the healthcare industry, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.



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