Startup Showcase: Shopscribe – Enabling Local Shops to Unlock Recurring Revenue

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Shopscribe, an innovative startup based in London, is revolutionizing the retail market by providing subscription services for small independent retailers in Europe. With an estimated 1.3 million local shops across Europe generating 800 billion dollars in 2020, Shopscribe is helping these businesses unlock guaranteed recurring revenue through subscriptions.

Offering Subscriptions for Local Shops

Shopscribe’s goal is to enable local shops – such as bakeries, nail salons, and other small independent shops – to offer subscriptions for their products and services. This helps these businesses to better forecast their sales, increase customer loyalty, and unlock consistent revenue streams. Subscribers to Shopscribe’s services get rewarded for their loyalty with access to exclusive perks, including discounts, gifts, and workshops.

Capturing a Lucrative Market

The market for small independent retailers in Europe is enormous, but very little of the revenue is captured through subscription models. Shopscribe is addressing this gap in the market by providing an easy-to-use subscription platform for local shops. The startup is capitalizing on the fact that many local shops want to offer subscriptions but do not have the technology to do so.

Partnering with Y Combinator and Entrepreneur First

Shopscribe has received funding from Y Combinator and Entrepreneur First, two of the largest startup accelerators in the world. This has helped the company to expand its reach and scale its operations. By partnering with these leading accelerators, Shopscribe is well-positioned to disrupt the retail industry and help local shops to grow their businesses.

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Unlocking Recurring Revenue for Local Shops

Shopscribe is an exciting startup that is helping local shops across Europe to unlock guaranteed recurring revenue. By offering subscription services and exclusive perks for subscribers, Shopscribe is empowering local shops to better forecast their sales, increase customer loyalty, and unlock consistent revenue streams. With funding from leading startup accelerators, Shopscribe is poised for success in the competitive retail market.





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