Startup Showcase: Snap-It Limited – Revolutionising Materials Procurement for Tradesmen

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As the demand for construction and maintenance services continues to grow, tradesmen are under increasing pressure to complete projects quickly and efficiently. However, one major obstacle remains in their way – the sourcing and delivery of required materials and spare parts during a job. In this Startup Showcase, we introduce Snap-It Limited, a London-based startup that is transforming the way tradesmen source and receive materials.

What is Snap-It Limited?

Snap-It Limited is a B2B digital marketplace that enables tradesmen to procure, source, and receive materials in real-time. The company’s instant delivery app connects tradespeople with local merchants and suppliers, who can deliver the required materials or parts directly to the job site within 30 minutes.

How does it work?

Snap-It’s app works on a simple premise – tradesmen can take a photo of the damaged, missing, or required part and upload it to the app. The app tracks the tradesman’s location, identifies the nearest merchant or supplier, and sends the request to them for immediate delivery to the job site.

What are the advantages of Snap-It?

Tradesmen can save hours of their time and lost revenue with Snap-It. The app offers a hassle-free solution for procuring and delivering materials on time, eliminating the need for tradesmen to leave the job site, visit a supplier, and collect the parts themselves. With Snap-It, tradesmen can continue working without missing out on billable hours, and customers can have their projects completed quickly.

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How does Snap-It address industry challenges?

Snap-It addresses some of the most significant challenges faced by the construction and maintenance industries, such as:

  • Time Constraints: With jobs that can require multiple trips to local suppliers and the time required to collect the required parts often taking hours, Snap-It’s instant delivery service means that tradesmen can get the parts they require in just thirty minutes.
  • Resource Optimization: Procuring and sourcing materials is often not efficiently planned, leading to tradesmen carrying too much inventory that not only takes up space on site but is also a depreciating asset, ultimately affecting margins. Snap-It’s marketplace avoids outdated inventory by streamlining the purchase of the right parts when needed.
  • Increased Efficiency: By using Snap-It, tradesmen no longer have to waste vital billable hours to sourcing and collecting the exact parts for a project, leading to faster completion of projects.


Snap-It Limited is an innovative startup that is pioneering the digitisation of materials procurement in the construction and maintenance industry. With the increasing need for quick and efficient delivery, Snap-It is all set to become a game-changer in this industry. We highly recommend tradesmen try out Snap-It to experience the benefits for themselves.


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