Startup Showcase: SolidFish – The Sustainable Way to Share Media Online

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SolidFish, a London-based startup, is aiming to change the way we deal with temporary media on the internet. Their flagship product, named after the startup, is a self-destructing data sharing platform that promises to be versatile, secure and environmentally friendly. By transforming viewable media into Solidcodes, they aim to recycle digital data storage used, making the internet more sustainable.

Sharing Possibilities

SolidFish’s platform creates unique Solidcodes that can be easily shared on multiple devices such as social media, SMS, voice calls or anonymously via the platform. One interesting feature is the ability to share codes on paper, giving old-fashioned snail-mail a futuristic spin. This allows users to share their media with anyone, anywhere, anytime, without worrying about its security or lifespan online.

Sustainable Solution

As the demand for data storage increases, data centres consume more energy, affecting the environment negatively. SolidFish addresses this issue by recycling digital data storage used by automatically deleting the Solidcodes when the defined lifespan is over. The self-destructing feature ensures that users’ data is secure and also reduces the need for additional storage, making SolidFish’s platform sustainable and green.

SolidFish’s innovation will not only benefit individuals but also companies that deal with sensitive data regularly. Its platform ensures that data is secured using Solidcodes, which automatically deletes information once the expiry date is reached. This is a solution to many data privacy issues companies face daily. Also, with the ever-increasing focus on green and sustainable initiatives, SolidFish is a great addition to the market.


SolidFish is a novel startup that aims to change the way the world deals with online media. It proposes a new, versatile, secure and environmentally friendly way of sharing digital data. The platform’s unique feature of self-deleting and recycling data storage used is commendable, making SolidFish a sustainable and progressive startup to watch.

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