Startup Showcase: The Field Engineer – A Global Community for Field-Based Engineers

- Who is The Field Engineer for? - How The Field Engineer Can Help You - The Benefits of Becoming a Member of The Field Engineer

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Having a successful career as a field-based engineer requires a lot of support and knowledge. Fortunately, The Field Engineer is here to help. This startup is more than just a website; it’s a community that brings together field-based engineers from all around the world. By providing support and answers to the questions, The Field Engineer is on a mission to support the productivity and career success of all field-based engineers in an ethical and sustainable way.

Who is The Field Engineer for?

The Field Engineer is for everyone in the field-based engineering industry, regardless of their industry, location, or specific role. Whether you work in electronic, electrical, mechanical, process, civil, chemical, or agricultural engineering, The Field Engineer welcomes you to the community. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Field Service Engineer, Field Process Engineer, Field Applications Engineer, Field Sales Engineer, Commissioning Engineer, or HSE, you will find valuable resources, support, and solutions to your urgent questions. HR and recruiters who post relevant jobs to members, vendors, and learning providers who offer relevant services and learning tools to members are also welcome. In essence, anyone who has an interest in supporting the field engineering community can join The Field Engineer.

How The Field Engineer Can Help You

The Field Engineer provides a safe and collaborative space where professionals in the field-based engineering industry can learn from each other, share experiences, and offer support. Are you dealing with an urgent problem or issue that requires someone with technical know-how and expertise to solve? The community will step in and help you find workable solutions. The Field Engineer can also help you advance your career by providing resources for professional development and networking opportunities. In addition to support, guidance, and answers, The Field Engineer has an extensive Job Board, where members can find their next job in field engineering, service, and support.

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The Benefits of Becoming a Member of The Field Engineer

One of the main benefits of joining The Field Engineer is that the standard membership is free. This means that you can join the community, network with other professionals in the field-based engineering industry, participate in interest groups, and receive newsletters related to the groups that interest you at no cost. As a member of The Field Engineer, you will find tools that can help you in your current job, as well as resources to help you succeed in your future endeavors. As previously mentioned, the community also has an extensive Job Board where valuable information about relevant job opportunities is made available to members. Moreover, members can access chargeable services such as advertising on The Job Board or selling products and services through the Store, Website banners, and the Learning and Development portal.


Becoming a member of The Field Engineer is an excellent way to elevate your career and join a supportive and collaborative community of field-based engineers worldwide. Join The Field Engineer today, and together, we can help support each other’s professional success.


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