Startup Showcase: The Wooden Go-Kart Company – Unleashing Nostalgia with Handcrafted Wooden Go-Karts

Bringing back the nostalgic thrill of soapbox racing with all-wooden Go-Karts.

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If you have fond memories of racing down the street with your homemade soapbox Go-Kart, then this UK based startup, The Wooden Go-Kart Company, is sure to reignite your passion. Founded in Crowthorne, Bracknell Forest, the company has captured the essence of the traditional wooden soapbox go-kart and made it better, sturdier, and bigger. Let’s take a closer look at how The Wooden Go-Kart Company is bringing back the excitement of soapbox racing with all-wooden Go-Karts.

A brief history

For decades, Soapbox racing was enjoyed by kids across the world. It began in the early 1900s when neighbourhood kids would put together their homemade carts and race them down the hills. With safety concerns in modern times and a shortage of hills, the trend went out of favour. The Wooden Go-Kart Company has brought back this fun activity while ensuring safety and durability.

The products

The Wooden Go-Kart Company offers two models of all-wooden go-karts for sale. Their Kombi Go-Kart, designed to fit an adult and child, and the Children’s Urban Go-Kart, specifically designed for kids. Both karts are made from solid beech hardwood and come with tough polypropylene wheels with rubberised tyres, ensuring they can be used for years. The karts are designed to be easy to assemble and are compliant with the latest toy standards EN71-1.

The process

All the wood that The Wooden Go-Kart Company uses in its products is sourced from managed forests, and the company complies with EUTR regulations to ensure responsible forestry practices. The karts are assembled in their Crowthorne-based workshop before being shipped out to mainland UK and Wales addresses free of charge.

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Why The Wooden Go-Kart Company stands out

With the rise in technology and screen time, many parents are looking for ways to motivate their kids to engage in outdoor activities. The Wooden Go-Kart Company provides a fun, adventurous and creative option that doesn’t involve any screens. By bringing back the traditional wooden go-kart and making it sturdier and better, they have captured the attention of many who love the nostalgic thrill of soapbox racing.


The Wooden Go-Kart Company has revived a classic childhood activity by creating great quality and sturdy all-wooden go-karts that are designed to last. These go-karts aren’t just for kids; they’re perfect for families to enjoy together in their backyards or at local parks. So why wait? Head over to The Wooden Go-Kart Company’s website and take a look at their excellent range of all-wooden go-karts today.


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