Startup Showcase: TiPJAR® – The Solution for Cashless Tipping in Hospitality

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Hospitality businesses have always struggled with managing cash tips, often causing confusion among servers and bartenders about how much they’re entitled to. With the rise of cashless payments, this problem has only become worse. Luckily, TiPJAR® has come up with a solution.

TiPJAR® is a scalable SaaS solution that allows hospitality businesses and workers to handle cashless tips effortlessly. The platform is built to provide a seamless, friction-free experience for both the hospitality operators and their staff to help them collect, manage and payout their tips easily, transparently, and instantly.

Removing the Pain of Tip Admin

TiPJAR®’s B2B SaaS solution provides the rails for multi-channel tip income and distribution. This helps hospitality operators remove the pain of tip admin, compliance, and trust issues, freeing up the teams to focus on more essential work.

By automating the process of tipping through multiple cashless channels and reducing paperwork and human errors, TiPJAR® ensures that staff are rewarded accurately and efficiently, regardless of their work location – whether it’s in a restaurant, a bar, or a hotel.

Giving Tipped Workers Greater Transparency

In a cashless society, TiPJAR® helps tipped workers by providing them instant access to their tips with greater transparency, security and convenience directly from their smartphone. With instant access to their tips, staff can better plan their finances and feel more motivated, resulting in better performance and improved customer service.

Increasing ROI for Hospitality Owners

TiPJAR® helps hospitality owners increase their return on investment by providing them with valuable insights into employee performance. By connecting performance with reward, TiPJAR® helps to create a positive work culture and improve the employer/employee relationship.

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Improved staff retention also reduces labor costs associated with high employee turnover and training new staff. Hospitality owners continue to enjoy the benefits of the improved customer service that comes with a happy, motivated, and loyal workforce.


TiPJAR® is revolutionizing the way the hospitality industry manages cashless tipping, bringing greater transparency and accessibility to the whole process. With a focus on removing the administrative burden, providing greater transparency to staff, and improving ROI for hospitality owners, TiPJAR® is a necessary tool for any business in the sector.


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