Startup Showcase: trellyz – Revolutionizing Public Services Supply Chain

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put tremendous pressure on public service organizations to rethink their service delivery models. These organizations have had to adjust to new working environments, keep citizens informed, and continue to deliver essential services while maintaining social distancing guidelines. trellyz, a London-based startup, is empowering public service organizations to navigate and overcome these challenges through its cloud-hosted platform.

Introducing trellyz

trellyz is a cloud-hosted platform that powers the public services supply chain across diverse networks at scale. This SaaS platform connects networks of organizations solving a common problem or set of problems, providing them with the digital tools to improve coordination, collaboration, and communication among all stakeholders.

The platform provides government and public service partners with a means of managing and mapping their services in real-time data and logistics. The communications module allows service providers to collaborate with other organizations, internal teams, beneficiaries and the public, ensuring that the right services, people, and resources are available in the right place at the right time.

Improving Collaboration and Impact

One of the key benefits of the trellyz platform is the ability to improve coordination and collaboration between service providers. The platform’s communication module provides a set of tools that enable service providers to work together efficiently, making it easier to achieve their common goals. The platform promotes transparency and enables real-time collaboration through social networking, and feedback loops.

The trellyz platform not only improves collaboration but also increases the impact of public services. Through its logistics and data mapping capabilities, the platform enables government and public service partners to track the delivery of services, resources, and assets. This results in better service delivery and an increase in overall effectiveness.

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LifeSpots App: Connecting Communities with Public Services

trellyz has also developed LifeSpots, a mobile app that provides the public easy access to community and public services. This app makes public services more accessible to citizens, increasing their awareness of local support available and increasing the quality of life for those who need them most.

The app’s intuitive interface allows users to search for services within their area and filter by specific categories, such as healthcare, education, employment and more. It’s a powerful tool for organizations to connect with citizens and improves access to services.


Overall, trellyz is revolutionizing the public services supply chain, and its cloud-based platform provides a unique value proposition for government and public service partners seeking to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase impact.

Through its SaaS platform and the LifeSpots app, trellyz has successfully empowered public service organizations to better manage their services in real time, and it’s addressing some of the most significant challenges facing public services today. We look forward to seeing how trellyz continues to make a positive impact on public services worldwide.




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