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The property investment industry is notorious for being complex and difficult to navigate. With so many different players involved in the industry – investors, brokers, accountants, trades, and more – it can be challenging to find trustworthy partners and make sound business decisions. is a new startup that aims to change that with its innovative platform.

The platform

The platform is an online directory, network, and marketplace designed to enhance trust within the property investment industry. The platform is free to use and allows users to search for, be found by, and assess others within the industry. Users can create a profile that includes verified information, such as their Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram links, business email address, as well as their profile picture.

What sets apart is its proprietary TrustMix Ratings System, which evaluates everything on a user’s profile, contributing to their overall Rating. This rating system takes into account factors that contribute towards enhancing trust, enabling users to assess a potential partner or client’s trustworthiness in real-time.

The benefits of is built to save time, reduce risk, and generate more business. The platform allows users to filter down on those they are more likely to do business with by being easily searchable. The rating system also reduces risk by providing a comprehensive overview of potential partners or clients. Finally, the platform saves time by making it easier to assess who you want to do business with. is still in its early stages but has already received significant support from early adopters. The company launched its MVP in August 2021 and is currently focused on growing its user base and expanding its development pipeline.

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Conclusion is an exciting new startup that is revolutionizing the property investment industry. With its innovative platform and TrustMix Ratings System, aims to make it easier for individuals and businesses to find trustworthy partners, reduce risks, and generate more business. If you’re involved in the property investment industry, be sure to check out and see how it can help you.


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