Startup Showcase: TubeChat – The Underground Messaging App

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Staying Connected without Cellular or Wifi

Have you ever wanted to strike up a conversation with a stranger on the London Underground but found it impossible due to the lack of cellular or wifi connectivity? TubeChat solves this problem by being the only messaging app designed to work in these areas. With TubeChat, you can connect with others using Bluetooth technology, making it easy to chat and make friends while commuting.

Making Real-Life Connections

TubeChat isn’t just another social networking or dating app. It is designed to facilitate real-life conversations and meetings, allowing you to connect with people in your immediate vicinity. You never know who you might meet while travelling on the tube – whether it’s a fellow commuter or someone visiting the city for the first time.

Safe and Encrypted Group Chat

TubeChat offers safe and encrypted group chat for up to 10 users nearby. This means you can chat with like-minded people on the tube without worrying about your privacy being compromised. TubeChat also allows you to remain anonymous if you choose, so you can maintain your mystery and keep your profile picture up to date.

I Spy: Addictive Classic Game

On TubeChat, you can not only chat but also play classic games such as I Spy. Playing games on the tube will keep you engaged, make your journey more interesting and enjoyable. Don’t see your favorite game on the list? Let TubeChat know and they will see what they can do to add it.

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TubeChat is today’s travel revolution. It is an innovative messaging app that is taking London by storm. TubeChat combines the power of technology with a simple and fun concept, allowing London commuters to connect with each other in a way that has never been possible before. With TubeChat, you can stay connected to others on your commute, make new friends, and have fun playing games while travelling. So why not try the TubeChat app next time you’re on the London Underground and discover a whole new world of possibilities?


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