Startup Showcase: UNDO Industries – An Innovative Solution for Carbon Removal

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UNDO Industries is a carbon removal startup that specializes in a unique technology called ‘enhanced rock weathering.’ This cutting-edge method, powered by the natural process of weathering, delivers a permanent and scalable carbon removal solution. The company is revolutionizing the fight against climate change by accelerating the natural process of carbon removal, reducing atmospheric greenhouse gases, and turning it into solid minerals locked away in the earth.

The Science Behind Enhanced Rock Weathering

Enhanced rock weathering uses crushed rock and minerals with a high reactive surface area that can redirect carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into the earth. When applied to agricultural land, the carbon dioxide dissolves in the rainwater and reacts with minerals, creating bicarbonates that are absorbed by plants and microbes in the soil. The bicarbonates eventually reach the ocean and convert to solid minerals, permanently removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Unlike some carbon removal methods that are costly and require energy-intensive processes, enhanced rock weathering is a natural, low-cost, and energy-efficient solution. It uses a by-product of the mining and aggregate industry and enables local farmers to apply them on agricultural land, effectively removing carbon and improving the quality of the soil at the same time.

The Power of UNDO Partnership Model

UNDO’s carbon removal method offers more than merely reducing CO2 emissions. As part of its holistic partnership model, the company collaborates with farmers and farming communities, providing them with a free rock by-product, along with training and resources. By using this method, farmers can enhance crop yields, reduce the use of fertilisers, and decrease water wastage. UNDO’s carbon removal method benefits the environment and local communities while having a positive economic impact.

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The Importance of Enhanced Rock Weathering in Tackling Climate Change

As the world steps up the fight against climate change, carbon removal is emerging as a critical solution to remove excess carbon from our atmosphere. Enhanced rock weathering has the potential to revolutionize the fight against climate change by offering a viable and scalable solution. The method is 100% natural, low-cost, and proven to work, making it a groundbreaking solution in the carbon removal industry.

To learn more about this innovative carbon-removal startup and their groundbreaking technology, visit the UNDO Industries website, or follow them on their social media channels. By supporting UNDO Industries, you can be a part of an exciting and world-changing movement.





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