Startup Showcase: Vahanomy – Revolutionize EV charging infrastructure deployment and Smart Cities planning

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The electric vehicles revolution is on the rise, and Vahanomy is determined to aid in facilitating its growth. Electric vehicles (EVs) offer numerous benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, lower fuel costs, and quieter operation. However, one significant challenge remains: the lack of charging infrastructure. Vahanomy’s AI-driven solutions aim to solve this problem, aiding in the democratisation and acceleration of EV adoption across the UK.

The Vahanomy Approach

At Vahanomy, they believe in taking a holistic approach to support the EV ecosystem’s growth. The company develops AI-driven solutions that help in the deployment of the electric charging infrastructure, supporting autonomous vehicle owners and fleet operators. Their services solve the difficulties that arise in the final few decimeters, eliminating the stress of charging and ensuring that EV owners can access charging infrastructure easily.

Creating Smart Cities with the Help of Vahanomy

With the rise in EV adoption, cities worldwide will be revolutionized, paving the way for Smart Cities that cater to EVs’ needs. Moblilty as a Service (MaaS), Transportation as a Service (TaaS), and autonomous vehicles will play a significant role in this transformation. Vahanomy offers services that help in the creation of Smart Cities, planning for the impending upheaval in the transportation industry, as well as ensuring that the charging infrastructure supports enough EV adoption.


Vahanomy is dedicated to supporting the growth of the electric vehicle ecosystem and has positioned itself as a crucial player in the Smart Cities revolution by deploying AI-driven solutions. Their services are designed to hasten the deployment of the electric charging infrastructure and support autonomous vehicle owners, moblilty as a service, and fleet operators. Vahanomy is offering a platform that is revolutionizing how EV owners can access electric charging infrastructure while equally planning for the Smart Cities revolution.

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