Startup Showcase: VALK – The Future of Decentralized Infrastructure for Capital Markets

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Innovative start-up VALK is transforming the traditional financial industry by introducing decentralization into capital markets. With its cutting-edge technology, the London-based company is bridging the gap between DeFi and traditional finance, attracting clients from major investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and private companies worldwide.

VALK’s Unique Value Proposition

VALK’s mission is to build decentralized infrastructure for capital markets while offering an ecosystem of financial institutions and innovative DeFi products and liquidity. VALK’s solution enables digital transaction processes and workflows, enabling businesses to become 100% digital, connecting its clients to a global network, and providing them with easy access to the latest investment opportunities, all while reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and enhancing security.

VALK’s Best-in-Class Technology

VALK’s cloud platform creates a private and secure distributed network that enables seamless collaboration between multiple parties. Its highly flexible infrastructure allows connectivity with all blockchain protocols and technology stacks. Clients can also access advanced features such as advanced governance tools, smart contracts, and asset tokenization, among others.

VALK Infrastructure Use Cases

VALK has successfully supported more than $4bn worth of deals in the past year. The platform is used across multiple industries, including Real Estate, Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Corporate Finance.

In Real Estate, VALK helps with deal sourcing, execution, and capital raising in global markets, increasing access to new investors and transparency while streamlining the operational process. It allows real estate and proptech companies to offer fractional ownership of assets while maintaining trust and security.

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For Private Equity and Venture Capital, VALK streamlines capital raising, executes transactions, and provides efficient portfolio management, enabling both asset managers and investors to assess various investment opportunities worldwide quickly.

In Corporate Finance, VALK provides flexibility, security, and efficiency by enabling companies to issue digital securities, manage debt and equity instruments, and streamline IPO transactions.

VALK’s Recognition and Growth

In 2021, VALK won the Sell-Side technology and Asset Management Awards, recognizing the company’s exceptional technology and services. The company is part of the FCA Sandbox, which is aimed at innovating the UK financial services industry, and is also part of Tech Nation’s Fintech cohort. With more than 70 large, SME, and start-up clients in over 15 countries worldwide, VALK has established itself as a trusted partner for the financial industry’s digital transformation.


VALK is an innovative start-up that is transforming the traditional financial industry by introducing decentralization into capital markets. With its cutting-edge technology and excellent services, VALK is providing the financial industry with an efficient, secure, and transparent ecosystem, enabling clients to access a diverse range of global markets quickly, cost-effectively, and securely.


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