Startup Showcase: VIDER APP – Connecting Influencers and Brands for Mutual Growth

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In today’s world, social media influencers have become a force to be reckoned with. Social media platforms have enabled everyone to express their voice online and enabled influencers to emerge and connect with their audiences. At the same time, brands have found it challenging to capture the attention of their target demographic through traditional advertising channels. Vider aims to create a symbiotic relationship between influencers and brands by providing a platform for them to connect and collaborate.

Introducing VIDER APP

Vider is a subscription based mobile application designed to connect influencers and brands for mutual growth. The app takes advantage of the latest technology, including geolocation, to make opportunities available to influencers and enable them to organically market a brand’s offering.

Collating and Vetting a Spectrum of Influencers

Vider provides a simple solution for brands who want to create new marketing opportunities for their products, but are struggling to reach their target audience. Through the clever use of geolocation, Vider creates targeted opportunities for influencers to utilise and organically market a brand’s offering. The app vetoes and collates a spectrum of influencers, living relatable localised lives, rooted in the community, followed by the target customers.

Creating a Symbiotic Relationship

The Vider App offers free offerings to its stable of influencers who then have a conditional obligation to post about the experience. The nature of the interaction allows it to retain an organic sense of sincerity while still reaching a wide audience of potential customers. The use of geolocation is a key component to the success of the Vider concept, with alerts pushed to the phones of subscribers, enabling them to make the most of the opportunities surrounding them.

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Fostering Growth for Everyone

The success of the Vider concept lies in the creation of a symbiotic relationship that fosters growth for everyone. Vider provides influencers with unique marketing opportunities to create and promote branded content on their various social media platforms. On the other hand, Vider offers brands opportunities to engage with their target audience through relatable influencers who are rooted in the local community.


Vider is a revolutionary concept in online marketing. It helps brands target their audiences organically through localised and relatable influences. The app offers targeted opportunities to influencers, making it easy for them to organically market a brand’s offering. The Vider concept has been praised for its innovative approach, with many brands already using the app to collaborate with influencers. So, if you are a brand looking for a revolutionised way of meeting your audience or an influencer looking to make your voice heard, Vider may just be the app for you.


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