Startup Showcase: Vostok Project – Revolutionizing Digital Infrastructure with Blockchain

A powerful blockchain solution for certification, registration, and data tracking

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Welcome to startup showcase where we highlight the most intriguing and innovative startups in the UK. Today, we have Vostok Project, a London-based company with a mission to revolutionize digital infrastructure with blockchain. Let’s dive in and explore what Vostok has to offer.

What is Vostok Project?

Vostok Project is a universal blockchain solution for scalable digital infrastructure comprised of two main elements: the Vostok private blockchain platform, and the Vostok system integrator. The platform is a fundamental technological innovation that enables fast, stable, secure and easy-to-use blockchain operations. Meanwhile, the integrator is responsible for maintaining, developing, and optimizing the platform.

The purpose of the project is to build the foundation of digital infrastructure for certification, registration, and data tracking, making blockchain applications user-friendly for businesses and public administration. By facilitating these functions, Vostok hopes to contribute to the digital economy, a sector that area with forecast GDP contributions of $6.6 trillion and 4 billion users worldwide by 2020.

Advantages of Vostok

One of the distinct advantages of the Vostok project is the use of blockchain technology that is fast, stable, secure, and reasonably-priced. Additionally, the platform provides an accessible interface, making it easy-to-use for businesses and public institutions. This approach to infrastructure has earned the attention and admiration of industry insiders and investors alike, as it is an essential part of advancing and realizing the potential of the digital economy.

Leadership and Partnership

Sasha Ivanov, one of the most influential figures in the blockchain space, leads Vostok Project. Backed by a London-based investment team that specializes in innovation, Vostok is poised for rapid growth and scaling.

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As a grand-scale and lucrative long-term blockchain project, Vostok has earned respect from the industry, with developers that work tirelessly to perfect the platform and deliver the integrator. These factors make Vostok an exciting project to watch.


In conclusion, Vostok Project is one of the most exciting and innovative startups in the UK. Revolutionizing digital infrastructure with blockchain technology, Vostok promises to make certification, registration, and data tracking more accessible to businesses and public administration, bringing us one step closer to realizing the potential of digital economy growth.


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