Startup Showcase: vTail Healthcare Communications – Building SuperConnected™ Commercial Healthcare Ecosystems

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As the world grapples with a pandemic that has overwhelmed healthcare systems, the need for communication and collaboration within the healthcare industry has never been greater. This is where vTail Healthcare Communications comes in – a mobile-first software platform designed to build SuperConnected™ healthcare ecosystems. In this startup showcase, we explore how vTail is revolutionizing healthcare communication and collaboration.

Introducing vTail Healthcare Communications

Founded in Oxford, United Kingdom, vTail Healthcare Communications is a company that has developed a software platform aimed at creating a truly interconnected healthcare ecosystem. The platform provides healthcare practitioners with a suite of intuitive and user-friendly tools that they can use to network, communicate, educate, and collaborate with others in their field.

Building SuperConnected™ Ecosystems

The healthcare ecosystem is a complex web of healthcare organizations, healthcare providers, and patients. vTail’s SuperConnected™ ecosystem approach aims to break down the barriers that exist between these different groups, enabling seamless communication and collaboration. By creating therapeutic area communities, vTail is bringing together healthcare practitioners who share common interests, allowing for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and insights that can help to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Communication

Currently, healthcare companies spend over $20 billion per year on sales and marketing to healthcare professionals. However, with decreasing levels of access and engagement, the return on investment on these efforts is plummeting. vTail’s mobile-first platform is designed to rise above the noise of the internet and email communication, providing a super-connected way for product companies, distributors, CROs, publications, service providers, and industry associations to engage with healthcare practitioners. The result is a valuable new channel of engagement that can help to drive business results.

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vTail Healthcare Communications is a startup that is using its innovative software platform to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry. By creating SuperConnected™ healthcare ecosystems, the company is helping to revolutionize communication within the industry, making it easier for healthcare practitioners to collaborate and share knowledge. For more information about vTail Healthcare Communications, please visit the company’s website and social media pages.


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