Startup Showcase: Web3 Labs Revolutionizes Blockchain Development and Intelligence

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Are you looking to accelerate your blockchain development and deployment? Look no further than Web3 Labs, the UK-based company providing a full-stack development and intelligence platform for working with blockchain. With their market-leading solutions, Web3 Labs helps companies leverage the benefits of blockchain technology with speed and scale.

Introducing Web3 Labs

At Web3 Labs, our mission is to empower organizations to innovate with blockchain technology by providing them with the right tools and resources. Our comprehensive suite of services includes the Epirus blockchain explorer, Web3j SDK, and Azure Blockchain Service Explorer.

Epirus Blockchain Explorer: Transparency in Blockchain Assets

Epirus is the flagship product of Web3 Labs, providing organizations with a rich user experience for working with blockchain. Operations staff and managers can easily access and view blockchain assets and smart contracts applications, helping to maintain transparency across the board. Epirus provides advanced searching, filtering, and sorting capabilities, along with a directly accessible API for customer reporting.

Web3j SDK: Streamlining Blockchain Integration

For developers looking to create and manage digital assets and smart contracts for the leading blockchain platforms, Web3j SDK provides a straightforward experience. It is the go-to integration tool for developers and enables them to work with ease from their existing applications.

Azure Blockchain Service Explorer: Simplifying Blockchain Deployment

Web3 Labs’ recently released Azure Blockchain Service Explorer helps businesses rapidly deploy blockchain solutions in Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure. The tool has already been accessed by over 50 companies worldwide and is sure to revolutionize the way blockchain is deployed within modern organizations.

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Award-Winning Performance

Web3 Labs has already made a name for itself with its innovative solutions, receiving the 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year award for their outstanding work in blockchain technology. By providing the right mix of development and intelligence support, Web3 Labs is poised to lead the way in the field of blockchain.

Join the Revolution with Web3 Labs

If you’re looking to streamline your blockchain development and get ahead of the curve, look no further than Web3 Labs. With their full-stack development and intelligence platform, organizations can work with blockchain at speed and scale, leverage transparency and reporting, and deploy solutions with ease.




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