Startup Showcase: Workfinder – Connecting Employers with Top Talent

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Finding the right talent is a critical challenge for employers. Workfinder, a Cambridge-based company, aims to tackle this problem by connecting employers with the best and brightest talent for part-time work placements. They have developed the world’s first skills and labour-market-based AI for adult upskilling, providing unique and groundbreaking propositions for both candidates and employers.

Candidates Proposition – Strava for Careers

The Workfinder platform helps young people find part-time work placements alongside their studies based on highly personalized recommendations and labour market guidance. Using sector, size, growth rate, and feedback from other interns, it facilitates progression of applications from research to offer. Recommendations for short courses, workshops, and mentoring help gain skills and hands-on experience in attractive companies and sectors.

A skills diagnostic reveals what skills are in demand and guidance on how to gain hands-on experience. The Workfinder platform’s personalization feature tailors recommendations to candidates’ needs and preferences, providing a Strava for careers that creates a roadmap for career growth.

Employers Offer – Slack for Talent Acquisition

Workfinder transforms expensive stop/start recruitment by focusing on young people who have interacted with an employer previously. You get a short list of applicants within 72 hours with a detailed briefing on each candidate, including their skills, experience, and cultural fit. Access to a database of talent who have interacted with your company maintains relationships, supporting your recruitment goals.

Workfinder offers alerts and recommendations regarding which candidates fit your diversity, inclusion, and equality goals. Employers can subscribe to reporting and benchmarking on diversity performance during the job application process.

Innovating the Future

Workfinder’s innovative solution matches talented young people and employers in mutually beneficial and rewarding ways. Their skills-based approach offers personalized recommendations, skills diagnostics, and a database of talent. Employers receive a short list of candidates, each with detailed briefings, creating a streamlined recruitment process. Workfinder’s unique proposition creates a meaningful connection between candidates and employers, giving young people the opportunity to nurture their careers and supporting employers’ recruitment needs.

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