Startup Showcase: Zeruxs – Transforming Business Ecosystems with Innovative Technologies

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Transforming business ecosystems with innovative technologies is the aim of Zeruxs, a London-based software development company. Zeruxs provide software development solutions to startups and enterprises, with a specific focus on emerging technologies such as Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT). With an extensive list of target industries, including banking and finance, e-commerce and retail, healthcare, and more, Zeruxs provides services covering Blockchain technology development and implementation, IoT, enterprise digital transformation, mobile applications, web development, cloud computing, AI, ML, data science, devops, QA and testing, SAP, UX/UI design, software consulting, internet marketing, and team augmentation.

Blockchain Technology and IoT Development & Implementation

With years of experience in Blockchain technology and IoT, Zeruxs provides world-class services for both technologies – from development to implementation. They help enterprises and startups develop a clear blockchain strategy, proof of concept, and blockchain-based applications to enhance transparency, reduce operational costs, and improve customer experience. They also offer IoT services to create innovative solutions for connected devices, smart homes, wearables, smart cities, and more. The expertise of Zeruxs in leveraging these modern technologies has been commendable, and they have been providing exceptional solutions to various industries.

End-to-End Project Engineering and Enterprise Digital Transformation

Zeruxs is known for providing end-to-end project engineering services to ensure that clients’ software development initiatives meet their business goals. Their project engineering services cover the entire software development cycle, from requirement gathering to deployment, maintenance, and support. They also offer enterprise digital transformation services that help businesses integrate new digital technologies into their existing business processes to improve efficiency and revenue generation.

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Mobile Applications, Web Development, and Cloud Computing

Mobile app development is one of Zeruxs’ key services that help clients create apps that enhance customer experience, improve business processes, and boost ROI. Zeruxs also provides web development services that cater to businesses of all sizes and implement their vision into a website. To ensure consistent performance and scalability, Zeruxs offers cloud computing services by using the latest cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Team Augmentation, Software Consulting, and Internet Marketing

Zeruxs provides team augmentation services that allow clients to hire dedicated offshore or onshore developers to support their internal projects at a low cost. Zeruxs provides software consulting services by analyzing clients’ existing software strategies and existing technologies and offers recommendations to improve their overall systems. Finally, Zeruxs offers internet marketing services to help clients create a brand, build an online presence, and improve sales.


Zeruxs offers an extensive range of services with a focus on the latest technologies. Their team of experts can design and develop scalable web and mobile apps, implement Blockchain and IoT-based solutions, undertake end-to-end project engineering, deliver cloud computing services, provide internet marketing services, and augment teams. Zeruxs is the go-to company for all businesses looking for innovative solutions using modern technologies. For more information on their services, visit their website:


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