Startup Showcase: ZILO Industries – Revolutionizing Global Fund Administration

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ZILO Industries is a UK-based fintech startup that is revolutionizing the global asset management sector. The company’s mission is to provide sustainable value to firms and their customers by eliminating outdated, end-of-life systems with innovative technology solutions. ZILO’s founders and teams have a successful track record of pioneering innovation-driven businesses, products, and services in the sector. Let’s take a closer look at what makes ZILO a standout company in the fintech industry.

Clean Technology Slate and Design-Driven Approach

ZILO Industries started with a clean technology slate, which means that they built their technology from the ground up without relying on old systems. This approach has allowed them to create technology that is built on modern frameworks and is more agile, scalable and adaptable. Additionally, their design-driven approach focuses on creating seamless and intuitive user experiences. This commitment to technology and design is evident in their global solution, which unifies transfer agency, fund platforms, and fund accounting into one comprehensive solution.

Strong Partnerships with Customers

ZILO is focused on building strong partnerships with their customers. Their technology is not a one-size-fits-all solution but instead is tailored to individual firms’ specific needs. This collaborative approach means that ZILO works closely with their customers to modernize and expand their product and service propositions to meet evolving market demands.

Market-Leading Solution in Global Asset Management

ZILO’s ultimate goal is to become the market-leading solution in global asset management. Their technology enables firms to swap legacy technology and end-of-life systems with more efficient, safer and more user-friendly systems that reduce costs, risks, and frictions. The company’s technology solutions are designed to make fund administration easier and more accessible, giving firms access to better data insights that were previously unavailable. Moreover, ZILO’s unique operational model is designed to help firms of all sizes to create long-term, sustainable value for their customers.

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Spread Joy Along the Way

One of the unique features of ZILO is the company’s commitment to spreading joy along the way. While the company is focused on delivering innovative solutions to its customers, it also wants to make a positive impact on society. This means that ZILO focuses on creating an engaging and exciting work environment that promotes employee wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion.


In conclusion, ZILO Industries is a fintech startup that is revolutionizing the asset management sector. Their unique, design-driven approach and commitment to building strong customer partnerships are key to their success. With a highly experienced leadership and engineering team, ZILO is well-positioned to be the market leader in global asset management. If you’re interested in learning more about their innovative solutions, visit ZILO’s website or social media platforms.


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