Transforming Game Development: Is Outsourcing to Specialised Teams the Future?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Multiplayer Group is a unique video game development company focused on delivering entire game projects from beginning to end.
  • Based in London, they provide teams of producers, artists, designers, QA and engineers to supercharge game development ambitions.
  • The company also has a great emphasis on being technology agnostic and remaining versatile in the rapidly changing gaming industry.
  • The Multiplayer Group could be showcasing the future of game development, where outsourcing to specialized teams becomes the norm.

In the daringly innovative world of video game development, London-based startup, The Multiplayer Group, is breaking traditional boundaries. They’ve created a unique business model that reinvents the typical game development process. Rather than focusing purely on multiplayer games as originally intended, they made the decision to offer a more comprehensive service – a complete video game development outsourcing solution.

This bold startup was founded by industry veterans Andy Robson, Marianne Monaghan, and Mark Washbrook. They recognised the advantages of being technology agnostic and laser-focused on their mission: to help supercharge the ambitions of other game studios. While it seemed like a wild idea at first, they quickly realised the benefits and potential this approach offers.

What distinguishes The Multiplayer Group in the highly competitive gaming industry is their comprehensive approach to game development. They provide multi-disciplinary teams of producers, artists, designers, QA and engineers, who take complete responsibility for content delivery. This unique business model allows other studios to concentrate on their core business while ensuring their game project is delivered to the highest industry standards.

Another differential is the company’s decision to be technology agnostic. In an industry where technology is continuously advancing and changing, being bound by a specific set of tools and technologies can be a limit to creativity and innovation. As such, their tech-agnostic approach allows them to stay agile and adaptable, effectively catering to the needs of varied game studios.

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Looking at the future of The Multiplayer Group, with the rapid expansion and diversity seen within the gaming industry, there is a promising road ahead. Their business model aligns with the shifting focus of game development. Outsourcing to specialised teams could indeed become the industry standard, freeing studios to focus on what they do best while relying on experts to bring their ideas to life.

Moreover, considering their successful track record and the pedigree of their founders, The Multiplayer Group could not be better placed at the helm of this shift. Connect and keep up-to-date with The Multiplayer Group via their website,, or on their social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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