What Are the Most Influential UK Interior Design Startups Today?

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With rising trends in the world of interior design, the United Kingdom isn’t just sitting back and enjoying the show. British interior design startups are making their own unique marks by pioneering innovative ideas and providing solutions that are tailored to the needs of the contemporary market. This article will walk you through some exciting interior design companies and startups that are creating waves in the United Kingdom.

From tailored kitchen renovations to unique design and building services for commercial projects, these startups stand out because of their creativity and attention to detail. Additionally, they’re incorporating advanced technology, such as project management software, to deliver timely and efficient services.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these companies and explore the unique solutions they bring to the table.

Kitchen Renovation – AceKitchen Surrey

Ace Kitchen is an interior design company that specializes in kitchen and bedroom renovations. They blend art and functionality to transform ordinary spaces into stunning interiors. Both their creativity and attention to detail have seen them rise to become one of the leading interior design startups in Surrey.

Addison Shutters

Founded in Manchester, Addison Shutters is known for supplying and installing high-quality window plantation shutters across the north-west. Their impeccable designs and exceptional customer service have made them a go-to company for home decor services.

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The Mosaic Spa

The Mosaic Spa offers luxury spa and pool designs, specialising in mosaic tiles. With their unique aesthetics and the beauty it brings to bare space, they have become a favourite among luxury pool and spa owners in the United Kingdom.


Boasting a team of talented designers, JT3 is an interior design company that provides designing and building services for commercial interior projects. Co-founded by Tom Haxworth, the company has made commendable strides in the architecture and commercial real estate industry.

Binary Management

Binary Management has created a niche for itself by offering project management software specifically designed for interior designers. With their innovative product, they are making the planning and implementation process much smoother for designers.

Love Renovate

Love Renovate not only offers advisory services for home renovation and interior design but also provides planning tools, checklists and budgeting solutions. The goal is to make the home renovation process seamless and enjoyable for every homeowner.

Packpro Displays

Packpro Displays is a prime manufacturer of poster holders, price points, and POS promotional stands. Their products are uniquely designed and of high quality, which has earned them a loyal customer base in the interior design market.

Stickland Wright architecture + interiors

Stickland Wright is a creative architecture & interiors practice agency based in Brighton. They focus on bringing client’s original concepts to life, thereby delivering a truly personalised design experience.


Blueleaf is redefining healthcare by designing and supplying global care homes. In addition to that, they also provide consultancy services, which further sets them apart from their competitors.

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Frances Healy Interiors

Frances Healy Interiors is known for its color-inspired interior designs. Their wide array of skills and expertise allows them to deliver personalized and creatively designed spaces that resonate with their client’s tastes and preferences.

Poodle & Blonde

Poodle & Blonde is a luxury interior design and accessory company that offers a wide range of high-quality goods that are not just functional, but also add a touch of elegance and creativity to any space.


Foundland stands out with its quirky ‘upmarket general store’ concept, where they offer a diverse product range covering everything from home decor to personalised gifts.


Commissionit connects artisans with individuals, companies, and organizations seeking commissioned works and personalized gifts. Co-founded by Amin Saleem, the company marks the perfect blend of art, collaboration and innovation.

Fletcher Day Cummins

Fletcher Day Cummins offers architectural and surveying services. With its innovative and meticulous approach, it has earned a respectable name in the architecture and interior design industry.

AGORA architecture + design

AGORA is a chartered architects practice based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Besides offering residential interiors, they also specialise in commercial designs.

The listed companies, through their innovative solutions and creative thinking, are raising standards of interior design. Their contributions not only reiterate the UK’s standing in the interior design industry but also continue to inspire new and upcoming startups to push boundaries.

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