What Are the Most Influential UK Product Research Startups Today?

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Research and development is a crucial driver of innovation for startups in the UK. By dint of ground-breaking technologies and novel ideas, various emerging companies are paving the way toward a future rich in innovative solutions. In this article, we are introducing some of the most noteworthy product-research startups in the United Kingdom. The ventures illustrated below range from sectors as diverse as product and user research, development in deep tech to aerospace, and even hair care manufacturing.

The startups mentioned here are driving innovation via cutting-edge technology and remarkable ingenuity. These companies serve as tangible expressions of how startups are not just key contributors to commercial industry, but also instigators of the new industrial revolution. Without further ado, let’s dive in and explore what each of these exciting startups brings to their respective industries.

From the latest in user research techniques to innovative hygienic solutions for water sources, each product-research company listed is transforming the way we approach various industries. By throwing a spotlight on these pioneers, we hope to inspire more innovation in the world of product research and development.


Our journey begins with PingPong, a London-based startup that is revolutionizing the process of user research, even in a remote setting. Their expertise lies in areas like consumer research, product research, UX design, and market research. PingPong gets its name from the constant back-and-forth that comes with research; they strive to streamline process as much as they can to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

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Advanced Mobility Research and Development (AMRD) Ltd

Next, we have AMRD whose work focuses on developing all-electric and hybrid-electric aircraft. Its goal is to revolutionize air travel and make it more environment-friendly. AMRD’s commitment to innovation spans across several industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, and manufacturing.

Hero Labs

Known for their problem-solving approach to product innovation, Hero Labs applies AI and machine learning to help prevent water leaks in homes and businesses. They develop technologies that minimize water waste and associated damages by detecting these leaks early on.


Our next startup, Gravitilab, is transforming research, testing, and qualification in Space. They aim to provide better access to a microgravity environment for research purposes. The company specializes in aerospace, mechanical engineering, product research, quality assurance, and test and measurement services.

UK Battery Industrialisation Centre

UKBIC is a cutting-edge research and development centre. Their focus is transforming battery R&D for the automotive sector, making strides towards a more efficient and cleaner energy industry.

Empyrean Therapeutics

Empyrean Therapeutics is developing next-generation cell therapies to fight diseases more effectively. They balance their scientific prowess with a keen focus on product design, thereby merging biotechnology with healthcare solutions.


Vitaclean is a pioneer in manufacturing filtration systems capturing pipe rust and dirt coming from showers and water supplies. The startup aims to improve general wellness by providing cleaner water through innovative technologies.

Humane Technologies

Next up, Humane Technologies develops and manufactures laboratory equipment and assays. They aim to make scientific endeavours more accessible and affordable, thereby catalyzing the emergence of new therapeutic solutions.

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Deepr is addressing culture, service design, and training problems through their innovative product research. By combining their deep understanding of human behaviour with the latest technology, they’re finding thoughtful solutions to complex problems.


InGAME provides innovative R&D solutions for the games and media industry. Its services have been instrumental in helping these industries evolve in response to rapidly changing technologies.

Breakthrough Associates

Now we shift our focus to Breakthrough Associates, a firm that specializes in providing support for claiming research & development claims. Their services enable businesses to reap the full benefits of their R&D investments.


BuyParts.io collects and distributes electronic component data from over 25,000 manufacturers. This bottom-up approach to product research is helping to simplify and streamline the notoriously complex electronics industry.


The penultimate company on our list, IntelXSys, conducts deep tech research and development. They’re working towards creating fresh and innovative solutions within blockchain and IT.

Innovolo Group

No less impressive is the Innovolo Group. They offer New Product Development Services across a broad array of sectors, including 3D technology, drones, industrial design, mechanical engineering, product management, and product research. With robotics as part of their innovative toolkit, Innovolo are pushing the frontiers of product development.

Champo Hair Care

Last but not least, Champo Hair Care – a company whose products are inspired by Indian hair care practices. They combine beauty and personal health industries with product research and deliver truly remarkable results.

In conclusion, these innovative UK startups evidence the multifarious ways in which product research can open doors to unimaginable solutions. We eagerly await the extraordinary products and services these companies are set to deliver in the years to come.

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