Which are Belfast’s Most Influential Software Startups Transforming Tech in 2023?

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Exploring Belfast’s Exciting Software Startup Scene

In the heart of the UK, Belfast is emerging as a thriving hub for software startups. With a unique blend of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, these startups are redefining the local business landscape. Ranging from tech-enhanced fitness solutions to cybersecurity strategies, the city’s tech sector is as diverse as it is dynamic. Let’s dive into 15 of the most interesting software startups and companies in Belfast.

Kairos Sports Tech

Kairos Sports Tech is taking sports performance to a new level. Co-founded by Andrew Trimble and Gareth Quinn, the startup is focused on helping elite sports teams maximise their preparation and performance. Marrying fitness, software, and sports industries, Kairos is revolutionising the way athletes train and perform.


Cofounded by Paul McKeever, Continually is a savvy startup that ensures businesses never miss a lead from their website. Playing a pivotal role in areas like E-commerce, Information Technology, the Internet, Messaging, SaaS, and Software, Continually is driving the way businesses interact with leads and customers.

Machine Eye Technology

Machine Eye is a standout startup in industrial manufacturing and software. Founded by Brendan Digney, the company provides intelligent safety systems for agricultural and industrial machinery — creating safer environments one machine at a time.


Gradient Edge

Specializing in digital commerce, data and machine learning, digital business strategy, and cloud migration services, Gradient Edge is making waves in IT consulting. Founded by Andrew Hill and James Wiltshire, the company is transforming business models and processes with its expertise in various digital spheres.

Next Move Online

Next Move Online is a software company serving a range of industries with a focal point on CRM, Marketing, Property Management, and SaaS. Their innovative solutions are making moves in the Peer to Peer and Residential sectors too.

ENGEN Studio

Offering services in advertising, e-commerce, software, web design, and web development, ENGEN Studio is a creative agency crafting beautiful and functional designs that drive business growth.


Developed by Joe Johnston, Martin McKeaveney, and Michael Shanks, Budibase is an open-source web app builder designed for speed and customization. It’s a game-changing tool for IT, software, and web development professionals.

The House Of Code

Specializing in personalized mobile apps, consulting, and code audit services, The House Of Code is creating tailored technology solutions that address unique business challenges.

Eolas Medical

Founded by Declan Kelly, Eolas Medical is on a mission to simplify health care. By organizing the world’s medical information, they are making healthcare safer and smarter.

42 Genetics

42 Genetics is a trailblazer in analytics, biotechnology, data storage, genetics, and software. They have created a software solution for storing DNA genomic data files used in virus and rare disease research.


Founded by Orla and Shane Harris, Sidequest is a community-driven app store for virtual reality. This innovative platform is propelling the software industry into new perspectives and experiences.

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Suments Data

With a focus on privacy, cybersecurity, data protection and compliance, Suments Data, founded by Javier Moncayo, is ensuring safer digital interactions with comprehensive SaaS solutions.


SeeMeHired, co-founded by Gary Irvine and Jon Matthews, offers a cloud-based platform that automates much of the recruitment process. This exciting software startup is revolutionizing how companies engage, select, and hire job candidates.


Specializing in Shopify website design, build and optimization, iakoe is a dynamic player in e-commerce, marketing, SEO, and software engineering circles. They are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital commerce.

Zenith Ai

Developed by Neil Robertson, Rolf Baxter, and William Ryan, Zenith Ai is at the forefront of AI solutions in life sciences research. By providing trainable AI tools, it’s empowering the next generation of research in the field.

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