Which are England’s Most Influential Industrial Automation Startups Today?

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Industrial automation is revolutionising the way companies in the United Kingdom operate, and a host of innovative startups are leading the way. From asset management to cyber surveillance, these 15 startups are shaking up old processes, employing automation to increase efficiency and productivity. In this UKT.news exclusive, we explore each startup’s story, offering, and the impact they are having on the industry.


Petiole is a startup primarily focused on yield prediction and monitoring with smartphone technology. This AgTech company, co-founded by Andrii Seleznov and Maryna Kuzmenko, aims to revolutionise farming and horticulture industries by utilising an array of services including Industrial Automation.

Cevitr Limited

Specialising in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cevitr Limited is transforming conventional IT methods and processes. This progressive company is leading the way in Assistive Technology, Industrial Automation, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Robotics and Software Industry, offering fully managed services with leading edge technology.


EnigmaMS, founded by David Blyth, Marc Heitman, and Simon Franchini, optimise data storage and analysis by providing cutting-edge technology. This intelligent deep science platform produces scientific solutions autonomously and is spearheading advances in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Chemical, Industrial Automation and Machine Learning.


At the forefront of autonomous vehicles and Industrial Automation is Aidrivers. Founded by Rafiq Swash, Aidrivers is known for its sustainability practices. Their tool enhances productivity and efficiency in logistics yards, private spaces and unstructured environments.

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LatentBridge provides comprehensive automation solutions with cloud-based SAAS platforms. Their products streamline process assessment, investment advice, and trade settlements. By focusing on Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, ERP, Industrial Automation, SaaS and Software, they provide an enterprise-grade, digital workforce platform.

McKarthy Labs

The professionals at McKarthy Labs offer AI, machine learning and robotic process automation solutions to businesses. They specialise in extracting valuable insights from both structured and unstructured data to improve efficiency and productivity.

Sauron Security

Founded by Nikola Cvetkovic and Vladan Todorovic, Sauron Security offers real-time detection and remediation of cyber attacks on IoT devices. They combine Big Data with Cyber Security and Industrial Automation to create a robust cyber surveillance system.


Harnessing the power of IoT and AI, Ascalia helps manufacturing factories to increase productivity. Founded by Dejan Strbad and Marin Bek, this startup offers a range of services including Predictive Analytics, Industrial Automation and SaaS solutions.

Radius Analytics

Radius Analytics, founded by Seth Aslin, combines AI, FinTech, and Industrial Automation to offer risk analytics workflow automation. Their innovative solutions improve decision making and add value to businesses across a variety of industries.


Inspection2, co-founded by Adrian Karl and James Harrison, provides an automated industrial asset management and inspection platform. Their data analytics and reporting software is changing the way businesses manage and maintain their physical assets.


Revolutionising the world of laboratory automation, cheMastery is at the forefront of the intersection between Industrial Automation and Chemical Engineering. Their solutions are enabling scientists and technicians to achieve more in less time.

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MAASI Enterprises

MAASI Enterprises, co-founded by Gabriele Marini and Leonardo Zanus, provides consulting, advising and temporary management services for highly regulated enterprises. With a focus on IoT, Industrial Automation and Data Mining, they are helping businesses navigate complex regulatory environments.


Leading the way in machine learning, Layer was founded by Mehmet Ecevit. They boast an array of services including a metadata store, a model registry, and experiment tracking. They fundamentally believe in the power of data to drive business performance.

OPEX Energy

OPEX Energy is a forward-thinking company providing PLC and automation systems, engineering design services, and renewable energy systems services. With a broad focus on the Energy, Industrial Automation, and Security sectors, they are pioneering sustainable practices in the industry.


Specialising in AI, Autocanteen utilises vision AI for self-checkout systems in catering. Founded by Rosty Kerei and Sergii Khomenko, they are proving their expertise in Computer Vision, Industrial Automation, Machine Learning, and Retail Technology.

Whether they’re fine-tuning processes in the agricultural sector or securing key structures in cyberspace, these UK-based startups are breaking new ground in industrial automation. Stay tuned to UKT.news for more insights into these startups and many others across various sectors.

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