Which Are England’s Most Influential Manufacturing Startups of Today?

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One of the underrated aspects of the UK’s tech startup scene is its diversity. Across this green and pleasant land, innovative firms are reshaping industries that range from fashion and home decor to robotics and biotech. Out of all of these sectors, the operations creating the most ripples in their respective ponds are perhaps those active in manufacturing. We’re not talking nuts and bolts so much as 3D printers and AI-driven machinery. In this list, we are exploring some of the hottest manufacturing startups in England. These are the companies you need to know about, from the producers reshaping the furniture industry to masterminds devising the future of engineering.

While the ‘Made in England’ mark has long been a sign of quality, increasingly it is also a sign of innovation. The following 15 startups illustrate how the country is making a name for itself in this cutting-edge field. Each of these companies have incorporated modern technologies to challenge the conventional methods of manufacturing. Their success stories serve as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs and evidence of the dynamic nature of the English manufacturing industry.

From robotics to non-alcoholic beer production, these startups represent a myriad of industries converging under the manufacturing umbrella. All demonstrating ingenious ways to streamline production processes, reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, or deliver revolutionary products. Let’s introduce some of these trailblazing firms.

Vertigo Beers

A leading player in the micro-brewing scene, Vertigo Beers has been making waves with its diverse range of hand-crafted brews. Vertigo demonstrates a dedication to tradition while embracing inventive approaches in beer making.

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Spectrum Logic

Spectrum Logic, an innovator in detection and imaging products is helping to reshape the medical device manufacturing landscape with CMOS image sensor technology.


Co-founded by Alexey Chistov and Eugeny Vlasov, Comino is redefining the computer hardware industry by designing unique, high performance, liquid-cooled plug and play PCs and servers.

Metis Labs

Offering intelligent software to improve manufacturing processes, founders Alex Appelbe and Bashir Beikzadeh of Metis Labs are looking to revolutionise the industrial sector, bringing increased energy efficiency along the way.


AccuCities, created by Michal Konicek and Sandor Petroczi, provides detailed 3D city models useful in numerous industries from architecture to virtual reality gaming.


Pioneering in the world of children’s furniture, Babios uses UV printing technology to create a unique room environment for your young ones and teenagers.


Co-founded by James Old and Tom Gallard, Prodigi holds the claim of being the world’s leading print-on-demand platform, further consolidating England’s notable presence in e-commerce.

Jiva Materials

Developed by Jack Herring and Jonathan Swanston, Jiva Materials is aiming to revolutionise the production methods of modern technology.


This startup is an athleisure brand on a mission to change the way you work out, recover, and travel. Maxibillion is offering a sleek thread of innovation in the fashion world.


Founders Elinor Pitt and Will Verrill have created Stitched, an e-commerce home decor firm that’s making waves in the product design industry.


Here’s an interesting twist to helmet manufacturing. Created by Georgie Smithwick, Henry Neilson, and Jamie Cook, HEXR uses 3D scanning and 3D printing to design next-generation cycle helmets.

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Squad Robotics

With a goal to digitise industrial work spaces, Matiss Brunavs, the founder of Squad Robotics is offering intelligent software to service providers using robots.

Lucky Saint

Lucky Saintrelates to the beverage industry, offering invigorating non-alcoholic beer. Its manufacturing technique has contributed to the rise in options for non-alcoholic beverages in the British market.


Farid Tariq, Moshiel Biton, and Vladimir Yufit have set their sights on revolutionising the battery industry with Addionics. Their focus is on improving energy efficiencies through intelligent 3D battery architecture and engineering.


Leveraging biotechnology, the founders of Mytos, Ali Afshar and Ignacio Willats, are building a fully-automated cell manufacture platform for Pharma. This work could pave the way towards a future where medicine manufacture is more streamlined and efficient.

From brewing beer to crafting furniture, these companies demonstrate the rich diversity within the English manufacturing sector. Not only are they surviving, but they’re thriving despite volatile market cycles. Their spirit of enterprise and innovation is key to the ongoing evolution of the manufacturing industry in England and beyond.

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