Which Are London’s Most Influential Travel Agency Startups in 2023?

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Startups in the United Kingdom are revolutionising the traditional travel agency model, leveraging technology and unique business concepts to enhance the travel experience for millions. From freighter holidays to group travel platforms, these innovative startups located in England’s capital are shaking up the industry and giving travellers fantastic new ways to see the world. Here are 15 London-based travel agency startups that are making waves in the UK and beyond.

The travel industry, like many others, has been significantly impacted by digital technology, evolving exponentially in the last decade. Travelers no longer limit themselves to traditional travel agencies, opting instead for the myriad online platforms that allow for increased flexibility and customization in their travel plans. Startups have been quick to seize these emerging opportunities presented by digital advancements, bringing innovative solutions to travelers globally.

In this article, we focus on 15 such travel agency startups based in London, the bustling and diverse capital of the United Kingdom. These startups, each unique in their offerings and approach, serve to highlight the emergent trends in the industry and underscore the role innovation and disruption play in today’s dynamic travel landscape.


Cargoholidays flips traditional cruising on its head by allowing customers to travel the world by freighter. This affordable option caters to adventurers who are looking for a unique travel experience. The company was founded by Steeve Joury.

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Experience Umrah

Experience Umrah, the trading name of Five Star Travel & Tours Ltd is a licensed travel agency that provides exclusive services to travellers for Umrah and Hajj. The London-based company is the brainchild of Tauseef Shah.


Packed aims to simplify group travel. By developing a global platform navigable to group travellers, founders Jasper Cox, Peter Rawlinson, and Tom Pain hope to ease the stress and complications that often accompany travel planning for larger groups.


SalesTrip uniquely combines travel booking and expense management in one system. Founded by Manoj Ganapathy and Richard Goodall, this platform helps businesses streamline their processes and keep better track of their expenses.

Pegasus Chauffeur

Offering top-notch chauffeuring services, Pegasus Chauffeur prides itself in quality and convenience. With its seamless online booking and payment options, this London-based start-up delivers world-class transportation services.

Let’s GoDo

Let’s GoDo is a hosting company that specializes in travel experiences. This startup offers unique and unforgettable travel experiences around the globe.

Solo Fly

Solo Fly is a travel agency that caters specifically to solo travellers. Based in the UK, they offer a selection of travel packages designed for individual explorers.

Muslims Holy Travel

Offering Halal holiday services, Muslims Holy Travel is a pioneering travel agency that specializes in Hajj and Umrah packages, facilitating these sacred pilgrimages for the Muslim community.


Bookado intends to transform how activities and experiences are booked for individuals and businesses. Founded by Nathan P. and Timothy James, they offer a diverse range of activities, from escape rooms to skydiving.


Another revolutionary player in the halal tourism sector, HalalTravels.com provides services tailored to the needs of the Muslim traveller, offering a vast array of halal-friendly travel experiences.

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MYRENTBOAT is an online platform where users can find the best yacht rental deals. This startup, founded by Alex and Daria Lebedev, offers a range of yachting options across the world.


hoo appeals to travel agents with its efficient hotel booking online system, and convenient online payment option. Founders Adrian Murdock, Duncan McKenna, and Sebastian Lewis are changing the hotel booking game with their startup.


HolidayFox, launched by Jason Green and Richard Hooker, is a platform where families can discover and book staycations. From one-day outings to full holidays, it offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

My Kind of Cruise

My Kind of Cruise is an app that simplifies cruise booking. Founded by David Rowlinson, this mobile application offers easy searches and bookings for cruise rides, coupled with excellent customer service.

indie Travel

indie Travel is a booking and reservation platform for travel guides. Founded by Janice Sousa and Serkan Yuksel, they offer unique travel experiences and activities around the world.

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