Which are the Most Influential UK Printing Startups Transforming the Industry?

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The UK printing start-up scene is diverse and thriving, encompassing a broad range of industries, from EdTech and manufacturing, to marketing and finance. There is a significant emphasis on sustainability and technology enhancements across the board, with many start-ups enhancing their operations with 3D printing, machine learning and creative technology. Here are 15 interesting print startups that are making waves in the UK.

Dicey Tech

Dicey Tech (website) is an EdTech company striving to empower future innovators through project-based learning. They are dedicated to building the educational infrastructure for Industry 4.0. This start-up operates in various sectors including 3D printing, E-learning, Education, STEM Education and IT. Dicey Tech was founded by Alex Alexandrescu and Sofiane Bebert.


Designrhome.com (website) is an encompassing kitchen and home accessories company specializing in the appraisal of items such as coffee machines, home security devices and cooking appliances. Their industry coverage spans from 3D Printing and Consumer Goods, Drones, Electronics to Food and Beverage.


Tshirtify is a unique on-demand t-shirt print start-up dedicated to support influencers and creatives looking for opportunities to broaden their brand. Founded by Kerry Flanagan and Richard Flanagan, Tshirtify operates in the field of Brand Marketing and Printing.


Seventy9 (website) is a creative and digital agency that specialises in digital marketing and branding through e-commerce and corporate websites and prints. Their services extend to Advertising, E-Commerce, Marketing, Printing and Web Design.

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OxMet Technologies

OxMet Technologies develops, licenses, and manufactures proprietary alloys, alloy powders and alloy components. This start-up operates in various sectors, especially in 3D Printing, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics and Manufacturing. OxMet Technologies was formed by David Crudden, Enrique Alabort Martinez, Fauzan Adziman.

Creative Apple A&M Ltd.

Creative Apple A&M Ltd (website) is a creative agency based in Stockport – Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom offering web design, graphic design and print design services. It’s services are branched out to E-Commerce, Graphic Design, Printing, SEO, Web Design and Web Hosting and was founded by Michal (Michael) Woszczyk.

Fishy Filaments

Fishy Filaments shows the sustainable side of the printing industry, transforming used fishing nets into 3D printer filament. Spearheaded by founder Ian Falconer, Fishy Filaments operates in the 3D Printing and Manufacturing industry.


The ONQOR group (website) is a marketing and technology agency that operates in Graphic Design, Photography, Printing, SEO, Software, Video and Web Design. Founded by Joe Kaul, ONQOR Group brings an integrated approach to marketing and technology.

Xcavate Robotics

Xcavate Robotics provides Excavator OEM/retrofit and automation solutions to reduce project time, costs and emissions along with creating subterranean spaces. Founded by Senake Atureliya, this startup operates in 3D Printing, Architecture, Construction, Green Building, Property Development, Robotics and Sustainability industries.

3DC Ltd

The on-demand manufacturing platform & tools kit provided by 3DC Ltd (website) offers tools in 3D Printing, Drones, Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing. 3DC Ltd’s innovative approach was conceived by Alex Ziff.

Best 4 Promotions

Best 4 Promotions is a leaflet distribution and marketing company. The company operates in the Commercial, Direct Marketing, Printing, Public Relations and Publishing sectors, offering a wide range of services to its clients.

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Happiful Magazine

Happiful Magazine (website) is a monthly mental health and wellbeing magazine on a mission to create a healthier and happier society. Happiful Magazine operates in the Health Care, Lifestyle, Printing and Publishing sectors.

Mail Metro Media

Mail Metro Media is a creative urban media brand. This startup operates in the Advertising, Digital Media, Printing, and Publishing sectors.

FinTech Magazine

FinTech Magazine (website) updates its audience with the latest trends in the finance industry regarding technology and digital transformation. This start-up operates in the FinTech Insights, News, Printing and Publishing sectors.


CYLNDR is a media production company offering photography and creative technology services. They serve industries such as Advertising, Digital Media, Marketing and Printing, adding a creative tech flair to enhance their output.

These startups, each unique in their approach to the printing industry, are indicative of the innovative spirit driving the UK start-up scene forward.

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