Which Are The Top Influential CRM Startups Reshaping UK’s Business Landscape?

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Guiding the management of customer relationships and outshining competition in markets, CRM startups have begun emerging in the UK looking to revolutionise the industry. With customer data becoming more valuable than ever and the shift towards digitisation, these startups are innovating in their fields; harnessing Big Data, AI, online advertising, legal software and management consulting services to power growth. This article looks into 15 groundbreaking British CRM startups to watch in 2021.

From digitisation software for freight forwarding to embedded solutions using machine learning technologies, these new ventures are upending traditional ways of doing business. Let’s delve into these CRM startups elevating industry standards and paving the way for the future of business.


Acting as a connector between drivers and advertisers, Addycar is a unique advertising marketplace. Based in the heart of England, it is taking strides in the Advertising, CRM, Internet, and Marketing industries.


Aiming to revolutionize the logistics sector, Transcount is a game-changer offering freight forwarding digitization software that transforms logistics companies into digital service providers. The brainchild of founders Dovy senas and Dovydas Riasnojus, the startup is making a powerful impact in various industries from document management to enterprise software.


Prospr is a consultancy management platform for digital transformation consultancies. Founded by entrepreneur Dean Robinson, it’s making significant strides in the CRM industry, offering agile software solutions to businesses.

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In the era of e-commerce, Bookingwhale is providing an easy solution for online bookings and business order management whilst making a name in various industries, including CRM, E-Commerce, and Information Technology.


Founded by Emmanuel Olatunji, Intelance focuses on data integration, data mining, and data visualization. They are quite literally connecting data and team for limitless possibilities.

Precision Business Insights

Precision Business Insights, backed by venture capitalists, is an innovative market research and business consulting firm specializing in information technology and CRM. They have been instrumental in providing top-tier consulting services to enterprises nationwide.


With a powerful stance in advertising, Ad-Lib.io is a CRM startup that is dedicated to creative effectiveness. Oli Marlow-Thomas, the founder, has introduced this startup to amplify the potential of creative ideas.


Creating a bridge between those in need and those who are willing to help, FACE DONATE is a venture that gives a face to giving. The startup is driven by Alberto De Biasio and Alexandr Kulakov, striving to facilitate charitable crowdfunding and social entrepreneurship.


AI4THINGS, founded by Wim Glorieux, offers embedded solutions using reinforcement deep learning technologies. The initiative aims to redefine how we approach Big Data and information technology via machine learning and AI.

Upper Sigma

As a Salesforce solutions integrator and CRM software vendor, Upper Sigma is accelerating legal and professional services industries across the UK. With extensive sector expertise, the company assists consumers to avail premium consultancy and software solutions.

Zint Technology

Zint Technology is a unique sales intelligence platform that supports sales teams in identifying and growing accounts. Founders Fraser Atkins and Josh Bowyer have used their expertise in CRM and IT to develop this breakthrough product.

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About: An innovation in the brewing industry, Breww provides an online, cloud-based platform to manage breweries. The brainchild of Luke Cousins and Max Andrew, it’s navigating a course through the IT, sales, and CRM sector.

Good Law Software

Good Law Software, led by Atef Elmarakby, is a legal tech company offering ERM, software development, and ERP services. Striving to facilitate legal procedures with modern technology, the startup is making waves in the CRM, Legal Tech, and Software industries.


Offering consulting services, Habenae is assisting businesses in navigating their way through management consulting and IT fields. The firm provides personalised services with their expertise integrating technology and CRM practices.


PropertyML, co-founded by Roman Slivin and Valentina Shegoyan, aims to make property transactions faster, cheaper, and less stressful. Their innovative approach to real estate and CRM is set to redefine the property market in the UK.

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