Which are UK’s Most Influential Content Marketing Startups in 2023?

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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, more and more companies are realising the importance of content marketing to drive engagement and ultimately grow their business. UK based startups are at the forefront of this revolution, challenging the traditional ways of marketing with innovative solutions. Here is a deep dive into 15 of these startups that are changing the game in the content marketing industry.

Strategically Digital Ltd

Strategically Digital Ltd is a digital marketing company that assists businesses with digital implementations. Founded by Carl Maskelyne, this establishment falls under several industries including Advertising, Brand Marketing, Content Creators, Content Marketing, amongst others. Their services cover a wide range of areas from SEO to Web Development, offering a holistic digital marketing service to businesses.


Concentrating on content creation and content marketing, WooContent has positioned itself as a notable player in the industry. Led by founder Chad Harwood-Jones, the company provides optimal solutions for effective advertising and content needs.


SendPilot, another forward-thinking UK startup, provides a unique offering: whitelabel social media management software. Their software assists agencies in sharing, discovering and promoting client content. Learn more about SendPilot here.

ACCEDOR Marketing

ACCEDOR is a B2B digital marketing agency providing innovative marketing strategies across the UK. Their proficiency extends to Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, and more, giving companies comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

Video Brochure Marketing

Serving dual purposes in content creation and content marketing, Video Brochure Marketing offers video brochure design and full video production and animation services.

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VASTCLICKS, which primarily operates in the fields of Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and SaaS, has emerged as an industry innovator. You can find more about them here.


VidSmart is a marketing consultancy firm that provides video and content marketing to attract new customers. Their services range from Advertising to Video Consulting.


Odore is known for bringing digital and data to sampling and providing data-driven sampling solutions. Visit their website to discover how this startup led by Armaan Mehta and Karan Gupta is reshaping Content Marketing in the UK.


Mealz is a recipe platform and a membership club for people who are striving to eat healthy. With services extending to Advertising and Content Marketing, co-founders Dmitry Aksenov and Sofia Fominova are effectively leveraging content to improve the food and nutrition space.

Make Honey

Make Honey is another startup making waves in the industry. It provides a range of services from public relations and social media to video production and content marketing.

Fierce Digital

Led by co-founders Patrick Byrne and Robert Copeland, Fierce Digital is a remarkable digital marketing agency specialising in the technology sector.

1827 Marketing

1827 Marketing is a digital marketing agency that offers online advertising services in addition to content marketing, providing a well-rounded solution for businesses looking to grow their digital footprint.

Kalium Marketing

Specialising in Content Marketing, Kalium Marketing offers a range of services from Graphic Design to SEO and Video Editing.

IN Business Ninjas

Finally, IN Business Ninjas delivers advertising, digital marketing, and content creation strategies aimed at improving sales on the Linkedin platform.

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The UK is seeing a rise in innovative content marketing startups, displaying varied approaches and services to cater to ever-changing customer needs. By harnessing digital technologies and focusing on content creation, these companies are making a significant impact on the marketing landscape.

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