Which Big Data Startups Are Influencing England’s Tech Industry Today?

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As the digital world continues to expand, there is an increasing demand for professionals who can meticulously collate, analyze and interpret data. The immense surge in data has resulted in an increased focus on startups offering Big Data solutions. A number of interesting Big Data startups have emerged in the tech-niche of the UK, fuelling the robust growth propelling the sector unto the world stage. Each bearing unique quintessence of ingenuity, these startups offer intriguing arrays of innovative solutions to complex data problems.

With a keen focus on the expansive digital frontier, these startups are pioneering significant advancements in areas like AI, machine learning, data cloud services, e-commerce, sustainability and more. From utilizing AI to improve wine retail to developing revolutionary point cloud processing technology, these Big Data startups are imperative to driving growth, innovation and efficiency across multiple sectors.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to 15 of these trailblazing Big Data startups in England, United Kingdom. Discover their innovative solutions, the industries they serve, their founders and learn more about them through the listed websites.


Launched by entrepreneurs Balal Raja and Jamal Khan, Datahoard allows users to monetize their data, control its viewing and sharing with vetted companies. Beyond B2B and Big Data, they also provide services in digital marketing, SaaS, mobile apps, and more.


Want to maximize profits from your environmental and social investments? Util, built by Abdel Wahab Turkmani and Stephen Barnett, offers top-notch analytics solutions to fully leverage the returns from your investments. They digitize domains ranging from Big Data to financial services, management consulting and more.

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Synaptiv was established by Matt Lewis with a vision to help automotive fleets monetize data from their connected vehicles. Bringing a blend of Big Data and automotive industry knowledge, Synaptiv aims for a data-driven vehicular revolution.

Denver Technologies

Denver Technologies, founded by Martin-Zack Mekkaoui, focuses on creating a data layer for the development of smart cities. Check their offerings here.


Aiming to reduce returns while boosting sales in fashion e-commerce, Measmerize provides an excellent AI and Big Data driven solution for retailers.


Akin to “Shazam for trading”, Tradezam leverages Big Data to provide insights on market signals, providing traders with the best time to buy or sell.


A leading Data Science Agency, Vuzo provides analytics and advertising services based around Big Data.


Founded by Bex Hay and Nat Whalley, Organise operates as a platform for collective action leveraging Big Data.

Savage Vines

Sustainability-focused online wine retailer – Savage Vines, founded by Kyle Paskett uses Big Data to offer quality organic and bio-dynamic wines from independent producers.


CausaLens was born out of the ingenious minds of Darko Matovski and Maksim Sipos. They are on a mission to develop intelligent machines using causal AI.

ESG Book

Andreas Feiner, Dominic Selwood, and Hans-Robert Arndt took sustainability data and technology a notch higher with ESG Book. This tool is trusted by some of the world’s largest financial organisations.

Projected AI

London based startup Projected AI, founded by Jonathan Zevi and Philip Howson, uses machine learning and natural language processing to aid business decisions.


Developed at the UCL, Correvate, founded by Dr David Selviah and Roger Maran, realises the commercial potential of point cloud processing technology (Vercator).

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LoMaRe Technologies

LoMaRe Technologies is developing PMRAM, bringing the next generation of memory technology leveraging Big Data.


Founded by Jan Rokita, ROKITA GROUP is a conglomerate focusing on business support service in the financial sector. Taking Big Data, AI, and marketing to new levels.

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