Which British Aerospace Startups are Influencing the Industry in 2023?

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United Kingdom is increasingly becoming a hotspot for fledgling aerospace start-ups. These companies, powered by cutting-edge technologies and disruptive solutions, are striving to redefine the industry landscape. In this article, we delve into the realm of British aerospace startups, showcasing 15 of the most exciting and innovative examples to have emerged in recent times.

From machine learning-enabled predictive forecasting to drone management, these firms are covering broad swathes of the aerospace spectrum. Their solutions could transform how the industry operates, streamlining processes, and opening up new avenues for revenue and growth. To put things into perspective, let’s explore these individual start-ups in more detail:

These start-ups aren’t just transforming the UK’s aerospace sector – they’re also creating a blueprint for the industry’s future globally. Their success stories could inspire other entrepreneurs to take the leap and launch their own innovative aerospace ventures.

Migacore Technologies

Migacore Technologies is an early stage data science start-up focusing on predictive demand forecasting for airlines. The company uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide intelligently forecasted results. It was founded by Abheer Kolhatkar and George Brova.

Drone Defence

Drone Defence enables drones to be used responsibly and safely, offering smart secured airspace for drone users. The company was founded by Richard Gill and leverages artificial intelligence, robotics, and software.

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Suppeco is a cloud-native SaaS platform that leverages customer-supplier relationships to drive adaptability and resilience. Sheldon Mydat founded the aerospace company with a focus on construction, electronics, IT, SaaS, and software.

Hive Aero

Hive Aero specializes in aviation insurance, providing tailored solutions for the aerospace industry. Bruce Carman founded the company.

Caeli Nova

Caeli Nova offers a bespoke technology system designed for the medicine and aviation sectors. They are firmly established in the Aerospace industry.

Simple Flying

Simple Flying provides a one-stop solution for all the key stories on commercial aviation. It distinguishes itself through an emphasis on information services and news.

Kayan Aviation Group

Kayan Aviation Group meets the aviation industry’s demand for innovative financing and leasing approaches.

OUTER Industries

OUTER Industries has carved its niche in advanced engineering technology in the aerospace sector, specifically focusing on environmental and industrial engineering as well as space travel.

OUTER Space Corp

OUTER Space Corp also operates in space engineering technology, making its mark in the aerospace and space travel industry.

Modularity Grid

Modularity Grid facilitates the deployment of renewable energy assets with data and intelligence. It was established by Elizabeth Nyeko, specializing in clean tech, developer APIs and platforms, IoT, and predictive analytics.

Lumi Space

Lumi provides precise positioning for satellites and space debris using laser ranging. Founded by Hira Virdee, the company focuses on sustainability, laser technologies, satellite communications, and space travel.


TOffeeAM has emerged as a leader in Multiphysics Generative AI. The firm was established by Audrey Gaymann, Francesco Montomoli, and Marco Pietropaoli.

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Space Power

Space Power is an in-orbit service company providing power servicing to spacecrafts. The company is headed by Francois Mazieres and specializes in the aerospace and power grid industry.

Urban-Air Port

Urban-Air Port is pushing the boundaries in the Air Mobility sector. They are a dynamic player in the aerospace and manufacturing industry.

Ziegler Aerospace

Ziegler Aerospace is an aerospace component manufacturing company. They specialize in industrial manufacturing, product design, and are a significant player in the aerospace sector.

These UK-based start-ups embody the future of the aerospace industry, catalyzing progress with their innovative solutions and technology-driven approaches. Their pioneering work could not only transform UK’s aerospace landscape but also set the course for the industry globally.

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