Which British Event Management Startups are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

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The event management sector in the United Kingdom has seen an influx of creative and innovative startups, all working on reshaping the industry with cutting-edge technologies. These startups range from virtual event platforms to boutique event management companies. Here, we take a closer look at 15 of the UK’s most promising startups in the event management space, exploring what they do and who’s behind them.

PRCO Studio

PRCO Studio is a creative digital marketing agency established by international communications agency PRCO. They specialize in advertising, event management, internet, marketing, and social media. However, the founders are unidentified.


CO:CUBED assists FTSE100 companies in embracing the startup revolution by developing and executing their collaborative innovation capabilities. The startup is overseen by Jeremy Basset and operates across corporate training, event management, and more.

iEurope Broadcasting

iEurope Broadcasting, founded by Alexander Thorn, broadcasts live and recorded news, movies, events, and sports to a global audience via the internet.


EventsX, founded by Darshana Prageeth Manikkuwadura and Shoaib Aslam, is building a new generation artificial intelligence-led virtual events platform with a built-in marketplace.


Stitcht is a managed service founded by Mike Christensen that utilizes a conversation-based approach to source authentic user-generated content for direct-to-consumer brands.


Ticketpass, founded by Rodrigo Bautista, offers an ethical ticketing platform that caps booking fees while also giving anyone the opportunity to have a social impact.

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Realmless is an event service company founded by Antony Adel that specializes in Content, Event Management, Events, and TV Production.

Vivus Hub

Vivus Hub creates apps for sharing live experiences. Its founder is Seun Oboite.


TEOOH, founded by Don Stein, is a platform for hosting virtual events.

Festival Pro

Festival Pro provides an event management system that focuses on festivals, conferences, and events, but the founders are unknown.

LGH Hotel Management

LGH Hotel Management is a hospitality platform that also specialises in event management. The founders are anonymous.

The Pathfounder

The Pathfounder is an events and editorial startup examining the intersection of emerging tech, business, and culture. The founders, however, have not been revealed.

1331 Events

1331 Events is an event management company whose founders are unknown.

The Ollerod

The Ollerod is a company providing hotel rooms, restaurants, and event organizing services. Information about the founders isn’t available.

FTE Innovation & Startup Hub

FTE Innovation & Startup Hub, founded by Daniel Coleman, is an air transport innovation network that connects corporate innovators with air transport specific startups.

These promising startups are breaking barriers and setting new standards in the UK’s event management industry. Keep watching this space as we witness their continued growth and success in the coming years.

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