Which London-Based Commercial Real Estate Startups Lead UK’s 2023 Market?

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UKT.news is proud to showcase and provide insights into some remarkable startups within the growing Commercial Real Estate sector in London, England, United Kingdom. Given the relentless pace at which the real estate industry in the UK is growing, we’ve decided to highlight 15 innovative startup companies, who are challenging norms and revolutionising real estate with their unique services and products. This article explores a diverse range of businesses, offering everything from real estate technology platforms to businesses specialising in transforming high street buildings into workspaces.


Founded by Ben Littlewood, Chris Littlewood, and James Giblin, Moveli is carving its name on the commercial real estate scene by offering a one-of-a-kind tech platform that allows estate agents and brokers to work independently. With roots in the marketing industry, Moveli is busy reshaping how property transactions are conducted.


Lendhaus, co-founded by Greg Bartlett and Mark Austin, is a platform that aims to ease the process of securing the best commercial property finance deals for borrowers and lenders. It operates at the intersection of Commercial Real Estate and Financial Services.


Developing ground-breaking real estate software is Aprao. Founders, Daniel Norman, and Jonathan Raoult have created a B2B SaaS company targeting the various shortcoming of the real estate industry.

Apex Housing Group

The Apex Housing Group, founded by Muhammad A. Bhatti, is a specialist in property management and social housing solutions. They provide comprehensive property services, placing an emphasis on the provision of affordable and social housing.

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Starz is a commercial real estate lending firm that focuses on middle-market loans, and offers advice on real estate investments.

WREX (World Real Estate Xchange)

Adrian .R. Twibill’s World Real Estate Xchange (WREX) is digitalizing residential and commercial businesses across the world. This SaaS and software company is leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics to do so.


Uncoded is an assistive technology firm that offers guidance and support in design and execution for commercial real estate developers.


Founded by Tom Haxworth, JT3 is an interior designing company that provides unique design and building services for commercial interior projects.

QuoinStone Group

The QuoinStone Group, an initiative of Steve Howling and Tim Struth, is a savvy asset manager, strategic property investor, and commercial real estate advisor.

Cafe Ventures

Edward Pearse Wheatley’s Cafe Ventures is a commercial real estate specialist and B2B broker in the food and beverage market.


Duncan Kreeger’s TAB offers short term bridging loans for property projects, providing a vital lifeline for many in the real estate industry.


Dioptra, led by founder Simon Ziegler, is a FinTech/PropTech company that provides investment analytics for institutional real estate funds.


Kitt is a full-service office platform, co-founded by Lucy Minton and Steve Coulson, that finds, designs, fits out, and manages office space for businesses of all sizes.

Oru Space

Oru Space is a unique lifestyle workspace, cafe, wellness, and retail space provider. They aim to regenerate high street buildings and create spaces allowing people to work and shop close to home.

A/O PropTech

Last but not least, Europe’s largest Proptech VC firm A/O PropTech, founded by Gregory Dewerpe, is investing in technology companies transforming the real estate industry.

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