Which London Home Health Care Startups are Reshaping the UK’s Healthcare?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rapid growth of home health care startups in the UK, particularly in the vibrant metropolis of London. These companies are seeking to revolutionize the health and wellbeing industry by offering a wide range of services, from online medical consultations to wellness apps promoting self-care. This article spotlights some of the most intriguing and innovative Home Health Care startups currently revolutionizing the health industry in London.

Home Health Care startups differ significantly in their approach, with some primarily focusing on fitness and wellness, while others direct their efforts towards providing medical care. Regardless of their primary focus, these companies share a common vision – to improve health care access, efficiency, and quality through innovative technologies and services.

With the rise in digital technology, many of these startups leverage the internet and other related technologies to offer their services. These innovative companies and the entrepreneurs behind them are not just changing the face of the industry but are also offering a glimpse into the future of healthcare. In this roundup, we highlight 15 of the most exciting Home Health Care startups operating out of London.


Gogodoc was founded by Charles Bosco, Raj Siva, and Vijay Sivapalan. This initiative focuses on connecting patients with doctors and health service providers. They aim to bring medical consultations right to your doorstep, ensuring everyone has access to healthcare at the comfort of their homes.

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Vitrue Health

Vitrue Health, established by Alex Haslehurst and Shane Lowe, employs computer vision technology to assess and treat musculoskeletal issues. Their goal is to improve the management of physical health conditions through technological advancements.

My Online Therapy

Under the leadership of Dr. Elena Touroni, Dr. Tom Pennybacker, and Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein, MyOnlineTherapy has made significant strides in mental health care. Positioned as a virtual psychology clinic, the platform provides a convenient way for people to receive psychological services.


Smol, spearheaded by Nick Green and Paula Quazi, offers an eco-friendly approach to home care. The company provides laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets, ensuring an eco-friendly and convenient home health care solution.

The Nourish App

The Nourish App founded by Sara Campin, is a self-care platform providing tools and courses on wellbeing for parents. The startup is committed to supporting parental health and wellbeing at home.


Founded by Ryan Nell, Levitate offers mindfulness and breathwork tips to help users find tranquility in a chaotic world. Their services are aimed at both individuals and organizations.

PCL Health

Founded by Deepti Atrish, Stewart Southey, and Tornike Asatiani, PCL Health offers a connected care platform that seamlessly integrates IoTs, mobile apps, and an online clinician dashboard for remote health management.

Syrona Health

Syrona Health is a digital health solution for women’s health, led by founders Anya Roy and Chantelle Bell. The company offers personalized gynaecology across life stages, starting from endometriosis to menopause.


Founded by Sam Price, Alyve offers personalised nutrition services, including tailor-made all-in-one vitamins and at-home blood test kits. Their goal is to make maintaining good nutrition at home more accessible and efficient.

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Induction Healthcare Group

Induction Healthcare Group is a healthcare tech company focusing on simplifying the delivery of care by healthcare professionals. They provide multiple applications that help digitize various workflows within healthcare institutions.


Diagnost offers a variety of at-home health tests to examine and understand your health, making medical testing more accessible and convenient.


Founded by Ali Ozan Özçiçek, Hiwell is an online platform connecting psychologists and users to make psychological support universally accessible and convenient.

HIGHR Collective

HIGHR Collective tackles climate change by sustainably producing impactful lip products. This beauty company merges the world of wellness and cosmetics with a responsible approach to the environment.


Founded by Haroon Ahmad, Miena Mizusaki, and Niall Jawad, Eczemadoc is transforming eczema management using big data. The startup offers personalised treatment recommendations for those suffering from eczema.


FOG FAN offers biosecurity for individuals, households, and businesses. Their products are designed to offer unique, proven patented, safe, and effective protection against pathogens (including SARS-CoV-2).

The unique visions and solutions offered by these startups show us the boundless possibilities of Home Health Care. By bridging the gap between health care providers and patients, these companies are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of health care in the UK, making it more accessible and efficient. Today, more than ever, the contributions from innovative startups like these are vital in supporting the overall health and wellbeing of individuals across the country.

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