Which London Supply Chain Startups are Transforming UK’s Management Industry?

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Supply chain management is integral to the efficiency of any business, regardless of its size or industry. As companies strive to streamline their supply chains, innovative startups offering tailored solutions continue to emerge. London, England, is the home of several such enterprises, offering unique, cutting-edge solutions to supply chain challenges. This article discusses 15 London-based supply chain management startups that are leaving a considerable mark in their industries, ranging from logistics to software development.

These companies have not only devised means to simplify various aspects of supply chain management but have also integrated solutions that address broader business challenges such as sustainability, digitization, and risk management. Their innovative approaches offer impressive models for both emerging and established businesses, providing ideas and inspiration for optimal supply chain management.

Let us delve into these startups, exploring their diverse solutions, the industries they serve, and the creative minds behind them.


With a clear mission to make global trade simpler, Zencargo has crafted digital freight services that aim to help businesses thrive. Founded by Alex Hersham, Jan Riethmayer and Richard Fattal, Zencargo operates within the logistics, shipping, and supply chain management industries, offering SaaS-based solutions.


In a bid to transform traditional freight forwarding, Transcount offers digitized freight forwarding software. The startup, founded by Dovy senas and Dovydas Riasnojus, provides a broad range of services including B2B, CRM, document management, and enterprise software.

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Agronomex is an innovative platform designed to address the immense challenge of agricultural waste. Cofounded by Anthony Kerfyser and Pascale Martin, Agronomex offers trading and procurement services within the agriculture, AgTech and supply chain management industries.


Smart spend management is the name of the game for London-based startup Yordex. Cofounded by Erik De Kroon and Hardeep Nagi, the company offers fintech services within the B2B, payments, and supply chain management sectors.

Fils Investments

Focusing on laying the digital infrastructure for businesses, Fils Investments offers business software and mobile application services. Founded by Stefano Fregoni, the company offers solutions within the robotics, software engineering, and supply chain management sectors.


ControlPlane aims to secure Kubernetes from supply-chain and runtime attacks. This cloud-native startup, which operates within the network security industry, is the brainchild of Andrew Martin.


Married to the idea of sustainability, blockchain company Circulor provides traceability-as-a-service and supply chain solutions. Backed by the insightful minds of Douglas Johnson-Poensgen and Veera Johnson, Circulor serves manufacturers across various industries.


Beacon is a digital freight platform that optimizes supply chains through insights and visibility. Cofounded by Dmitri Izmailov and Fraser Robinson, Beacon provides logistical solutions within multiple sectors.

Risk Ledger

Risk Ledger offers an effective vendor risk management platform that equips businesses to handle procurement and cybersecurity challenges. Haydn Brooks and Daniel Saul are the innovative minds behind this startup.


Sellar aims to revolutionize the craft beer industry, offering a new trade ordering experience. Cofounded by James Powell and Julian Bourne, Sellar provides solutions to breweries selling directly to trade customers.

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Chill-Chain is a logistics company whose services center on temperature-controlled logistics and transportation. It works to optimize supply chains in the transportation industry and its founder is Jack Fleming.

Supply Change

Educating and connecting social enterprises with procurement teams, Supply Change is an innovative solution to social impact procurement.

Acqua Tower Growing Systems

Acqua Tower Growing Systems is a consumer goods manufacturing company offering automated vertical gardening equipment. The company provides innovative alternatives within the consumer goods and home and garden sectors.

Proco Commodities

Supplying experts across the global energy and commodities supply chain, Proco Commodities demonstrates leadership within the energy and risk management sectors.

For Partnership

For Partnership consulting firm delivers supply chain and logistics solutions serving both retail and eCommerce industries. The company ensures efficient supply chain management while maximizing client profitability.

The landscape of supply chain management is continually evolving, shaped primarily by emerging technologies and innovative minds willing to challenge and redefine traditional systems. These 15 startups are pioneers on this exciting journey, offering insight and fresh perspective on how businesses can leverage innovation to streamline their supply chains and enhance overall performance.

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